1. chachoi's Avatar
    My Dad has been using blackberries for years and he's still sticking with them though his then 8520 curve gave up on him in less than 3 months (trackpad issue)

    he has 4 overall, anyway...

    he has a 9105 but after almost a year it gave up on him

    now it does not turn on, only the red led light lighting up for about 10 seconds....and then no response for about 10 seconds and the red led lights up again

    over and over....

    if I try charging it via wall charger the red led turns on... then the battery shows up but after 10 seconds... then the screen truns off and the red led light turns on again

    over and over

    is this a software related issue? help please
    11-16-12 07:27 AM
  2. chachoi's Avatar
    tried downloading a OS and flashing via apploader. the laptop detects the phone when flashing the red light but does not recognize it anymore once the led light turns off
    11-16-12 07:53 PM

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