1. nitr0us's Avatar
    Hey guys, new to this forum so go easy on me!

    The phone was given to me by my sister as my 9300 was stolen
    So I have common knowledge about Blackberry's in general

    Summary: Whenever my phone reboots due to an App update, the phone gets stuck on the start up screen with 3/4 of the loading bar full, I can only access the phone by taking out the battery plugging the charger in the phone and putting the battery back in. How can I solve this problem?

    The phone given to me was on OS5, plugging it into my computer and using Blackberry Desktop Software I had an update to the latest version on my carrier (Giffgaff). Updating the phone was fine, however I wanted to try out OS 6 on the phone so I downloaded a version of OS6. However I made a mistake as the OS5 files were still on my computer so upon updating, it actually reinstalled OS5 again back onto the phone, not update my phone to OS6.

    So I thought ohwell and didn't bother to update it anymore. This is when the problem occurs: I go onto Blackberry App world and it tells me the usual, that the identity update needs to proceed for me to use the App world. I then download the update and the phone reboots HOWEVER the phone was stuck on the start up only having loaded 3/4 of the loading bar. This is when I thought maybe the reinstallation of the software corrupted the files which made me then restore the phone for the third time back to OS5. The phone booted up and I then tried again, to download the identity update but it happened again, the phone stuck on the loading bar. I did do battery pulls in case you were wondering (2-3 times)

    I then thought why not try OS6, so I unistalled the OS5 files and reinstalled the OS6 files, used BBSAK to wipe the phone clean and updated the phone. However once the installation finished it was still STUCK on the loading screen. I was pretty mad at the time. THIS is what confused me, I pulled the battery out and plugged the charger into the phone, the red led lit up and I then put the battery in, the phone then booted up!!

    The phone works now but whenever the phone needs to be restarted from downloads on App world/ Identity updates I have to take the battery out and put the charger in and then replace the battery. This is a pain because I don't always have my charger with me.

    Can anyone identify what the problem is?

    Many Thanks
    01-07-13 04:13 PM
  2. 93Stevo's Avatar
    i'm having sort of the same problem, the phone loads about 3/4's then fades out. i have taken the battery out countless times, but same every time. My phone won't turn on at all unless in safe mode. I have deleted all apps that may be responsible but still no go what else can you suggest?
    02-22-13 10:58 PM

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