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    Seven Point Five is now available for OS6 devices

    Seven Point Five gives you a small banner with PlayBook styled battery, signal and wifi icons as well as bringing you a mix of PlayBook OS2 icons and OS7 icons to make your homescreen really pop.

    Additionally we have done a first for any OS6 theme, and changed all the menu icons to OS7 style, so now wether your browsing through your native media apps or simply changing a setting in your options menu, you`ll see the standard OS7 icons to really transform the look of your device.

    Additional features include a skinned media player, skinned browser UI and a new IU while inside folders on your phone.

    Small Banner and custom bar skin

    A beautiful mix of OS7 and PlayBook OS2 icons

    Custom folder UI to reflect PlayBook OS2

    Fully re-skinned media menus

    Revamped Browser UI

    OS7 style options menus

    Buy Seven Point Five today from BlackBerry App World - just $1
    03-21-12 08:17 AM