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    Here you have a DROID'esk theme from C86themes! Been working on this for some time to get it just right! You got awesome HD android style icons, with a couple custom ones thrown in the mix. Completely custom banner along with customer everything else! i cant think of a single thing that has not be changed for modified in some way.

    Now the good thing with this theme is you keep your standard navigation of BB 6. None of this needing to hit the BB button to get to an application screen. You keep the feel and fluidity of BB6 while using a completely custom theme!

    Go ahead! Look at the screen shots!

    What are you waiting for! Pick it up now!

    Shadow DROID6 - Themes BlackBerry Apps


    *Screenshots may not show the exact wallpaper included with the actual theme*
    01-30-11 11:59 PM
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    Universal Search issue has been resolved, update has been posted to Mobihand and you all should be getting the update emails soon!
    02-03-11 10:01 AM