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    Welcome to Opake (Not Opaque) Although a play on words, this theme needs way more words to express it. Opake has two Docks that hide and show by pressing the +/- buttons on the screen to make your wallpaper breathe life. The left side dock can be customized with 8 of your favorite icons. (place 1-8 in application screen to change home screen icons) Along with the 8 custom icons you have 7 Permanent icons that let the user quickly get to their MESSAGES,CALENDAR,SMS/MMS,BROWSER,BBM,OPTIONS,and PROFILES screen by pressing each icon. Each bottom icon will show you what your on by displaying a custom overlay animation as a focus indicator.

    No more tacky theme interfaces that claim to help when all they do is make it look more cluttered! Opake makes sure the user has free reign over his or her BlackBerry desktop. When you thought we were done, well you know we aren't This theme has WJD Designs first and only theme with Numerical Battery/Signal indication meters. Never stare at how many bars you have while trying to figure out if that is 1 or 1/2 bar again. We now make it easy with the homescreen/application screen Number Meters...

    This theme pushes through the doors of custom by showing off it's vibrant display of custom icons and multiple color user environment will make your last theme (even if it's mine) feel like its missing pigment. It has to be one of those themes that you have to try on your own so you can see why this one stands out above the rest!

    *Touch Screen Users*
    New Hidden Hotspots (Quicklaunch = Under Meter Bar / App Screen = Above bottom Dock / Messages = Where New Messages Indicator shows under Date)

    *Trackpad and Trackball users*
    You have 6 user definable icons instead of 8 on touch devices!
    To show and Hide the docks please press Alt+1/2 for Side Bar and Alt+3/4 for bottom bar!

    Profiles = $
    Quicklaunch = Spacebar


    * Dual Show/Hide Dock
    * Custom Dock Animations
    * Custom Focus Onscreen Indicator
    * Wallpaper Friendly Theme
    * Hidden Today
    * 8 User Defined Icons (6 on Track pad/ball devices)
    * 7 Permanent "Quick Access" Bottom Dock Icons
    * Custom Signal and Battery Meters
    * Numerical Signal and Battery Meters
    * Menu Animations
    * Vibrant Color Palette
    * Another WJD Designs Original

    06-27-10 01:08 PM
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    hey says this theme no longer avail?
    04-01-11 09:08 AM