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    UPDATE v1.1
    - Fixed the Universal Search bug
    - A little more extra space, I reduced the banner a little bit more
    - Fixed minor bugs

    Hi there Crackberry fellas!!

    This is my new theme, its called SB7, Small Banner, 7.0 icons... It gives you a little extra space on the top banner and it looks amazing with those 7.0 icons!!! New battery meter, new wallpaper from the 9900 and a couple of other goodies...

    It's still very fresh so if you find anu bugs just let me know!!!

    It's only for OS6, sorry no OS5 for now...

    OTA SB7 for OS6

    This theme is inspired by one of Lucky45 themes called Small Banner...

    This theme is totally free, but donations are apreciated...
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    07-16-11 01:11 PM
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    First of all great theme.
    I found a bug: search option in main screen does't work.

    Sorry for my english.


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    07-22-11 11:05 PM
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    fixed some bugs included uniersal search... OTA Link v1.1 posted
    09-28-11 06:09 PM
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    fixed some bugs included uniersal search... OTA Link v1.1 posted
    Universal search still not working.. When I try to search, there's nothing shown on my screen.
    I really love the color and the transparency. Orangey! Thanks! I want a smaller font size for the messages, inbox preview. The default size preferably.

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