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    I found this on my daily review of some tech websites. Matthew Miller has been very positive of the Passport since his initial review, and even included it on his list of best phones of the year. He's also been one of the few writers, along with CIO.com's Al Sacco, who has had anything beyond the herd statements on any BlackBerry device.

    Like fine wine, BlackBerry Passport gets better with age | ZDNet

    Now if Verizon would just offer the device so I could get in on the lovefest!
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    03-10-15 11:52 AM
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    He did sell the phone at one point but the buyer later returned it saying there was a dead pixel on the screen (which wasn't there!)

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    03-10-15 12:13 PM
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    Yes, I had a moment of weakness I thought I would sell a bunch of my phones to buy something "fresh and new". Turns out that the BB Passport is just that and I am so thankful the buyer backed out and that I refunded their money. Trouble is now I think I want a red Passport.
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    03-10-15 02:10 PM
  4. chrislamuk's Avatar
    Hey guys we have techie Royalty with us!!

    Great to have you on board Matt! At least you appreciate the blackberry unlike your partner in crime Kevin C. Tofal!

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    03-10-15 03:23 PM
  5. Workingmen's Avatar
    Matt, your review was right on all aspects. There are many short cuts, tricks and other efficiency items built in on 10.3.1 but it seems that a user has to follow Crackberry users to discover then! Seems like their could be a series of articles for you since BlackBerry isn't publishing.

    Passport to a w - i - d - e world
    03-10-15 04:04 PM
  6. Matthew Miller's Avatar
    I've been around a long time, used to write the Nokia Experts site for Mobile Nations, but I am not royalty. I appreciate the comment and love the community here on CrackBerry.

    I'm surprised more tech journalists don't like the Passport. The build quality and sheer efficiency is amazing. Oh well, I also like to be a bit unique so will keep using my Passport.

    I'm also a fan of wearables and would love to see a BlackBerry quality smartwatch in the future.

    I'll continue to write articles about the Passport and am always open to unique story ideas.

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    03-10-15 09:51 PM
  7. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Palmsolo? Now that is a pleasant blast from the past! You used to be active on Brighthand back in the day, no?

    How ya been? Man... I'm getting old! LOL.

    Great write-up. I haven't really found any tech writer in my small circle who isn't at least intrigued by the the PP. Other issues do seem to give folks pause though.
    03-10-15 10:06 PM
  8. Matthew Miller's Avatar
    Yes, I was active on Brighthand, Palmstation and many other sites back in the late 90s. BTW, my online moniker goes back to the days when I was using Palm devices and I am a Han Solo fan so I put the two together to create palmsolo. Been using that name online since 1998 or so.

    I'm getting old too, actually have my 46th birthday on Friday I'm doing very well and loving the new technology that blows away what I was doing back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

    Thanks for the kind comments.
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    03-10-15 10:17 PM

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