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    So my initial impressions specifically with the android app capability is that the Passport is significantly faster. Compared to my Z30 (running 10.3.1) beefy android apps like Google Maps, Android Facebook, Audible, TuneIn Radio Pro, and others all open like a native app on the Passport, where on the Z30 there can be considerable lag and delay. It really makes android apps feel more like native apps. The difference in speed between the two with native apps opening is trivial against the ones I tested, but they do open slightly faster on the Passport. I assume this is all due to the faster cpu, and i tested the units side by side on wifi only to get as similar results as possible.

    The screen resolution on the Passport is spectacular, you can really tell the difference very clearly. The main thing I notice from Z30 to Passport is the OLED vs. IPS display, where the OLED seems to have more vibrant colours. I know you can ratchet up the colors if you like in the Passport, but the default works fine for me. Side by side, the OLED screen while not nearly as crisp (rather dull actually), does look like it has bolder colours (and darker blacks which is to be expected). If my memory serves correct, with IPS displays, we should go for the light backgrounds vs. dark backgrounds as it will save battery life? The opposite of OLED displays?

    While the keyboard is great on the Z30, it is slowly feeling like the good old days with the Passport keyboard. It's only been an afternoon and I am already making way less corrections when typing, plus the keyboard swipe for word delete is a godsend. I'm sure in a couple weeks there will be no going back for me. Alternatively, the gestures and onscreen keyboard for symbols and numbers will take some getting used to. I really like having a keyboard again.

    The screen as said before is spectacular. But, if you are a gamer, the Z30's screen size is better. The Passport games just fine, but it is a smaller footprint to work with and takes a bit of getting used to. Luckily I game very little, and when I do, its games that are not affected by screen size like solitaire and online poker.

    Short sample size but the camera between the two units are night and day. The camera in the Z30 was either cheap technology, or poor software, or both!! The Passport camera is so much better quality and from some initial shots that I have done it feels like we are playing within the same league as the major vendors, it's one of the most significant improvements as well.

    One handed use of the passport is doable. That being said, I do have big hands, but the phone feels balanced and I am sure most people will be able to at least view apps and messaging on the phone one handed. Typing for most will take some work, but I can manage to do it. The preference for two hands is definitely there and most of my typing is done two handed.

    Too short of time to tell on battery life but it looks to be stronger than the Z30 and that is great news as the Z30 was strong. All I need is a phone that can last me all day, charge it every night, and I'll be happy. It feels like it will be the case with the Passport, the battery held up well and I was hammering it with setup and playing around with it all day.

    Speakers are better and louder than the Z30 in my opinion and the Z30's are excellent. I used the speaker phone several times today and it was clear and very crisp. It's a great phone for that and I use the speaker phone a lot in my work so I am very happy so far with the results. Signal reception seems to be the same as the Z30, very strong.

    One thing I will say is that the Z30 fits better in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. Not a deal breaker or anything, and I am sure I'll get used to it, but it does feel more awkward when pocketed.

    The phone definitely feels more solid and of better quality than the Z30. The Z30's metal volume keys rattled on mine, and the back panel was a real hassle to remove. The paint coating on the bottom bezel also scratched easily. The Passport feels much more solid, absolutely no rattles and has a premium look to it. Personally, I don't really care about the look of a phone very much as long as everything works, but, I thought I would pass it on as it's an important difference for some.

    Hasn't really been mentioned all that much, but one of the advantages of a touch sensitive keyboard is less greasy finger marks on your screen.

    The whole readability angle is true and makes a difference, which surprised me. I used to use pocket reader a lot or the "reader" function with the Z30 to read long articles on the web. Again, not a huge deal, but it was cumbersome to go back and forth when reading more than one page articles on the Z30. The Passport, as they have marketed to us, fits just the right amount of text across that you can read articles without having to zoom and scroll or use the reader function. Again, it's day one, but I think I will appreciate that ability as I begin to use the phone more and more.

    So overall I am pretty happy with the Passport. My main goal over the Z30 was to get a phone that was fast, ran android apps that I need faster, had battery life that could last a day without concern, had a better camera, and a keyboard. The Passport while not perfect, feels like what the Q10 should have been when it came out (or perhaps the Classic if it has better screen and horsepower than the Q10). My ultimate choice would be the Classic or Q10 with a little larger screen and similar specs as the Passport (screen quality, ram, CPU), but I'll take the larger size and the benefits/drawbacks that come with the Passport's big square body to get all my needs met. I'm keeping the Passport.
    09-25-14 07:04 PM
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    I agree with you op. The only thing I am having to get used to is the space bar placement but it's getting better. Huge improvement in the way android apps run. They are much quicker. Loving this phone!

    Passport on AT&T
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    09-25-14 07:54 PM
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    Thanks for the post as I have been debating between the z30 and the Passport as my choice of upgrade from the z10.

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    09-25-14 08:08 PM
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    One other thing I will add that I learned last night - using the phone in bed is more challenging than with a Z30. When you are standing or sitting, its easier because gravity is helping you. When you are lying in bed holding the phone up, the wideness works against you and its hard to play around with the phone one handed, as you have to hold the phone and use it at the same time. Funny things you don't consider until you are actually using it.

    I didn't give much feedback on Blend either. It's a great little piece of software and a hidden gem. It's really nice to be able to reply to text messages or BBM message on your computer without having to constantly pick up your Blackberry. You could use it for email messages too, but i prefer to use the native applications on the laptop to do that, unless it's a real quick reply. It's also nice to have all your photos and music and videos come up for viewing, sharing, or downloading without having to hook up to link, as well as any other computers you have access to through the file manager. It's a very cool application and no else does anything like it, should be marketed more by Blackberry.
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    09-26-14 11:19 AM
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    Man, just imagine all the same specs going into a Z50... how sweet would that be!
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    09-26-14 01:58 PM
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    Thanks for the post as I have been debating between the z30 and the Passport as my choice of upgrade from the z10.

    Big Brother Hoards Your Data, stop the hoarding.
    As someone with both the z10 and z30, I prefer the z30, but the lower screen res is noticeable when switching between the two. You quickly forget how crisp the z10 is with the faster phone and bigger screen on the z30, but when I switch back and forth I really notice the lower res on the 30.

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    09-26-14 02:09 PM
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    I agree 100%, the Z30's screen lacks clarity when compared to the Passport, it's very apparent. I do think the Z30's colours pop a lot more. When I compare the two the Passport's colours look a little dull, but that's a difference with OLED. I also notice it a lot at night in Bedside Mode, the blacks were so black in OLED and the phone is a lot brighter in Bedside Mode with the Passport. Still, I wouldn't trade the screens for anything, the Passport is hands down much better.
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    09-26-14 03:03 PM
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    Nice write up! If I can ask, do you know if bb10.3 supports openvpn, on the passport? That's the only feature in waiting for - the passport looks solid!!!
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    09-26-14 05:05 PM
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    when ur lying down just use landscape( I know it's no difference) but I mean like scrolling wid one hand on keypad becomes easier

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    09-26-14 05:40 PM
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    PP, I don't see any openvpn support, pics below.
    Z30 vs. Passport - Android apps and other misc musings-img_20140926_154330.png
    Z30 vs. Passport - Android apps and other misc musings-img_20140926_154345.png

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    09-26-14 05:45 PM
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    Thanks for the thorough comparison! I keep debating switching myself (probably when the white Passport is out) but am really torn on the issue. I have a pros/cons list I made and it's pretty evenly split:

    1. 13MP Rear Camera
    2. ~1080p Display (same number of pixels just arranged differently) and better readability for full websites and text/documents
    3. Quad-Core Processor / 3GB RAM
    4. 32GB On-Board Memory
    5. Capacitive Keyboard
    6. Full LTE on AT&T
    7. BlackBerry Blend
    8. Distinct phone that draws attention

    1. Upgrade cost - ~$300
    2. Less-supported aspect ratio for apps
    3. Photos/Videos less optimally displayed due to aspect ratios
    4. Keyboard learning curve
    5. Z30 doesn't fail to meet any of my current needs except camera lag at times
    6. Z30 has better aspect ratio for photos/videos/app support
    7. Back isn't carbon-fiber and can't switch out backs for oreo look like the Z30
    8. No inductive charging except possibly a carrier exclusive (seriously three years post-webOS no one else has gotten this right it seems)

    Guess I have more thinking to do.
    09-28-14 06:48 PM
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    Just a short comment. I'm really happy with my Z30. Had it since the day it was released in Canada and it's been very good in many aspects including the camera, I find it take remarkably sharp images for a phone.
    Z30 vs. Passport - Android apps and other misc musings-img_20140930_075822.jpg

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    09-30-14 02:11 PM

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