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    Its about a year now , went into T-mobile for a switch to the passport / mini sim card . Zingo , free $ transfer . Hey , can you transfer my contacts , AHHHH maybe ...... oh sorry we don't support your device .
    Played with USB cables , old BB desktop program . Blend did see the Z10 . Ended up loading contacts when they called or manually . Kept looking for a total contact file data to email / cable VoDo link.

    Ended up bluetooth phone to phone > 3 dots bottom >left side page > share contact > once the bluetooth was connected it was a 3 button operation for each contacts complete info to the other device contact file . A good way to filter out old or dead contacts .I didn't want some ODD ap for a one time use .

    I'm sure there is a way that is better , this worked for me .
    05-27-17 04:20 PM
  2. Carjackd's Avatar
    Link will still do the job or device switch app will get most of your stuff over
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    05-28-17 12:08 AM

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