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    I recently got a passport. About two weeks after use, I noticed the z key is pretty loose than the rest. Is it normal? BlackBerry in India doesn't have an awesome service network and I don't think they will provide a replacement for such a small issue. I'm sure it's not due to wear and tear cos it's just been two weeks and the z key is the least used. I don't mind the wobble, but I'm concerned it might fall off. Pls help..

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    07-09-16 03:43 AM
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    Try to replace it if you have got it from Online

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    07-09-16 11:17 AM
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    Thanks so much guys for your suggestions. Now my phone had a 10 day replacement policy that has already expired. I contacted the local BlackBerry authorised service centre and they said if the problem is genuine it will go for a free keyboard replacement. Now if I send it for a replacement keypad, it will be full of scuffs (past experience of poor handling) and then I have to do a security wipe as well which most of the times gets stuck. The z is key is the least used key so it's actually pretty OK. I'm just afraid that it will fall off in the future. It does have a play to it, definitely noticeable but not serious till now.

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    07-09-16 11:52 AM

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