06-05-16 01:25 PM
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    Not happy. I bought my Passport in August 2015. At that time the battery can easily lasted over 1 day after a heavy usage which makes me very happy knowing it lasted much longer than my Iphone 5. Starting last month it can barely lasts for 12 hours. At one time I plugged the device out after it fully charged, then I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning the battery drained to 70% in 6 hours with only browser app running. Before this it only drops around 5%.

    I have checked the App Manager for the app that caused the huge battery drain but all looked normal, mostly system and display contributing to the drainage. I also deleted all android apps just to be sure after reading suggestions in the forum, and reloaded my Passport with autoloader. Still the problem persists. Maybe I should consider buying a new battery.

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    wiping your device will help.
    06-01-16 12:52 AM
  2. amierul_a's Avatar
    wiping your device will help.
    Did that too. But it takes too much time and I need to use it now (no backup phone). So I downloaded autoloader.

    Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

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    06-01-16 01:05 AM
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    I'll tell you different;

    Passport morning to night and still juice left
    With Priv I made lot of investments....yes lot
    One charger at home one in office and first time ever car charger and power bank is on the list

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    Thank you very much for telling this.
    If they just had a POWER CASE that will be great also. Had that before on my Android Devices.

    Now I'm not so sure any more if I really want to change from my BlackBerry Passport SE to BlackBerry Priv.

    So it's not a good Choice right?

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    06-02-16 10:05 PM
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    [WARN]Time for the bickering to stop. Those posts (and where they were quoted) have been deleted.

    Discussor debate in a civil manner -- do not get personal![/WARN]
    06-04-16 08:14 AM
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    I have a question
    there is any options where I can see the real time of the screen usage? Like on android ... when clicking display that info was there
    Here is my display info
    06-04-16 11:32 AM
  6. Anas Ayyad's Avatar
    yes 22 hours it's amazing for me
    i'm use apk application only ( that killing the normal battery )
    but passport battery up to normal
    06-04-16 01:13 PM
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    My passport which has two personal email accounts and a corporate account which receives hundreds of emails a day lasts two full days and one night without a single charge, on average. I can also go from Friday morning until Sunday night on a full charge. This is me using the phone like a madman. I listen to music for two hours a day at the gym. Use facebook. Browser. Take pictures. Watch youtube. My gf has an iPhone 5 and her battery is atrocious compared to mine. I know people with a six and they are better than the five, but still not as good as my phone. I know people with various androids and they are absolutely horrible with battery.

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    06-05-16 01:25 PM
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