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    It's confirmed!
    You can now have headphone audio boost enabled using an auxiliary chord plugged into your cars headset or other device while streaming music.

    Keep in mind this doesn't work for all carrier's. As some of the SIM cards don't allow the audio boost setting to appear in the phones settings.

    The solution........
    Purchase a 3.5mm male to male auxiliary chord with mic
    Make sure you purchase the one that has 4 poles on one end and 3 poles on the other. As in the picture.

    From there, you plug in and enjoy!
    It fakes the phone into thinking you have headphones plugged in. And than allows for activation of the audio boost in the phones settings. It gives that little extra bit of volume most have been looking for when playing streaming music via auxiliary chord.

    YES!! Finally audio boost with Android streaming apps via auxiliary chord.-3.5mm.jpg

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    01-04-16 07:00 PM
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    What Carrier? These come with a 3 and 3 aux cable . Blackberry Wearable Seatbelt Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Bluetooth Transmitter | eBay Perfect stocking stuffers or whatever. You can buy them in cases of ten too.
    01-04-16 07:43 PM
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    I'm on T-mobile which does have headphone audio boost.
    I've heard Verizon doesn't have the headphone audio boost.

    If you do have headphone audio boost and want it to work, you have to have a 4 to 3 auxiliary chord.

    YES!! Finally audio boost with Android streaming apps via auxiliary chord.-img_20160104_210434.png

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    01-04-16 08:06 PM
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    Which end goes into the phone and which end goes into the aux imput in my car in order for the audio boost to work If I would get this, or it doesn't matter which way? Thnx!

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    01-04-16 09:43 PM
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    What about buying a aux cable with three rings on each side? The one in the pick seams to be a rare cable thats harder to source! Any thoughts? I use Passport in car and would like to have the option of using audio boost also!

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    01-04-16 09:54 PM
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    Amazon has a bunch of different ones for sale.
    Do a search for
    3.5mm male to male auxiliary chord with mic

    Here's the search link I used on amazon.


    The 4 ring end goes into the phone.
    The 3 ring end is output to the head unit that you want to plug into.

    DO NOT purchase the Kapas. The Kapas are the ones I purchased and they have electrical feed back or static.

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    01-04-16 10:05 PM
  7. lowezz's Avatar
    Thnx! Just ordered!

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    01-04-16 10:16 PM

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