1. JD Wu's Avatar
    ...a manufacturer made a case for the Passport that has a yellow "oversize load" sign across the back?

    Anyways, I'm looking for a screen protector for my Passport. I'm looking for one that is a dry application, non-adhesive, and fairly heavy duty. I've been hearing mixed reviews for the official screen protector from BlackBerry so I wanted to maybe buy a different one from Amazon or something. Has anyone tried any of the low dollar screen protectors from Amazon and could genuinely recommend to me? Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    11-28-14 10:52 PM
  2. GeoK's Avatar
    I am still using the one that came with the phone. But the hard case I have came with the OEM one and I will put that on.
    I never had problems with those on previous Blackberries.

    The Zagg on my iPad is a bit stained and marked up, so I don't know if I would be going to that anti me soon.
    11-29-14 03:32 AM
  3. scootnyinzer's Avatar
    I bought the 5 pack of Mr Shield protectors from Amazon and they work great. Cheap enough to trash a few getting the hang of putting it on without tears and gnashing of teeth.

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    11-29-14 06:21 AM

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