04-01-18 09:48 PM
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  1. wilkto's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-16 03:33 PM
  2. newcollector's Avatar
    With this last earnings report? No. I have one that I will keep for posterity's sake. Maybe someday (in 20 years) I can sell it as the last BB10 device to Mike and Frank, the American Pickers.
    09-28-16 03:45 PM
  3. Sav Sav's Avatar

    When I first saw the Passport on the internet, I hated the design. However, when I saw the real phone and played around with it a bit, I was amazed. Quality, quality, quality and class. I'm just waiting to see if any specials come my way (South Africa) and then I'll definitely buy one.

    - Samsung Note 4 user
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    09-28-16 04:02 PM
  4. itsTanyaD's Avatar
    I still want one. I just hope Instagram will be officially available.
    09-29-16 03:48 AM
  5. Zeeshan Ali7's Avatar
    Have been using red passport and plan to order one se before passport extincts

    Red passport
    09-29-16 04:15 AM
  6. pedrogari's Avatar
    Yes I would buy it but SE edition for 100 Eur, pay 569 euros is insane.
    09-29-16 05:03 AM
  7. Rico4you's Avatar
    Actually just bought a Ferrari Red Beast...the Red Limited Edition! Have the SE and PRIV but this Red Beast will be something special!
    Got a great deal on it!
    Would you still buy a Passport today?-img_20160929_204933.png

    Posted via PRIV and or Passport SE
    09-29-16 01:49 PM
  8. whatsever's Avatar
    If it runs android 6 with app permission
    09-29-16 04:30 PM
  9. MGDania's Avatar
    Yes, in fact I just purchased one 2 minutes ago.

    Recently, I have had to help employees set up their Androids and my children their iOS devices and it reminded how much I detest those OS.

    I have been using my Z10 coming up to 4 years. It continues to work well and does everything I need. I no longer waste my time with apps and have moved to web versions for anything I still need to access, bank, facebook, news etc. I have been waiting for my Z10 to die so I could get a Passport SE. It just won't die.

    With the price reduction and the looming EOL and the horrifying prospect of having to use iOS or Android I decided to pull the trigger so I have more years of BB10 productivity. The only risk is if the native browser becomes incompatible with more sites.Hopefully, a 3rd party browser will work, if not I will buy a cheap *** tablet for surfing the web.
    09-29-16 04:49 PM
  10. steersj's Avatar
    Just sold my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to buy the SE edition passport

    Posted via CB10
    Dziadek likes this.
    09-29-16 08:17 PM
  11. adamlau's Avatar
    Pretty much this. I have been contemplating a second SE to back up the first, which in turn backs up a daily driven OG. So long as the WebKit engine is regularly updated through 10.3.4.x, the BB10 platform should satisfy my use patterns for years to come. Would have liked to see BB10 on modularized QT5...But it is what it is...
    09-29-16 08:17 PM
  12. rrohde's Avatar
    Since I am still relatively new to BB10, another great reason for me to be happy I got the Passport is Adhoc WiFi support - which android does not have (iOS does).
    I can setup Ahoc WiFi on my Ubuntu laptop at work, and connect my Passport to it. Perfect for getting online at work from my phone where AT&T has a poor connection. :-)

    Posted via CB10
    deadcowboy likes this.
    09-29-16 08:31 PM
  13. california governor's Avatar
    I have Passport SE & Classic and Iphone SE. I'll stick with them for a very long time.

    Emperor of Texas & California.
    09-29-16 08:41 PM
  14. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I just got my Passport SE today and it is nothing short of incredible. It was love at first sight.

    Looks great together with my modded Q10!

    Would you still buy a Passport today?-photo-sep-29-6-28-38-pm.jpg

    Posted from my Passport SE via CB10
    Last edited by Newfangled; 09-29-16 at 09:58 PM.
    09-29-16 09:29 PM
  15. JeBe4's Avatar
    I am on day two..... I am loving it.

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-16 12:47 AM
  16. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Yep. Especially with a major update.

    TMO  PP SE,SQW100-4/
    09-30-16 03:05 PM
  17. Ioannes's Avatar
    Depends on what you mean by the question. Knowing what I know now would I have purchased a Passport two or so years ago? Absolutely. It's been an outstanding product and a very good experience. Would I buy one now in Sept 2016? No. Too many things don't work properly any more and there's no chance of any updates. BB's given up on it. The developers have given up on it. It's a dying device. And yet I'll hang on to it until it just plain doesn't work at all anymore. I'm so used to the format and the keyboard and BB10 is still the best OS anyone has yet come up with. I'll miss it when they finally bury it.

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-16 03:19 PM
  18. california governor's Avatar
    Yes, for posterity.

    Emperor of Texas & California.
    09-30-16 06:58 PM
  19. Lincoln Allen's Avatar
    I like the passport but my Priv does things I have been needing to do on a phone for a long time and I've only had the phone for 4 days

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    09-30-16 07:24 PM
  20. bliebs77's Avatar
    I had the red one for a year, and the SE since January and I think now is the perfect time to buy another one. For $289 on Amazon, i'm actually considering getting 2 for backup.

    Posted via CB10
    10-01-16 09:09 AM
  21. JeBe4's Avatar
    I had the red one for a year, and the SE since January and I think now is the perfect time to buy another one. For $289 on Amazon, i'm actually considering getting 2 for backup.

    Posted via CB10
    Be cautious I ordered one of those and they sent me one with Arabic key markings on it!

    Posted via CB10
    10-01-16 10:00 AM
  22. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Yeah, may as well buy direct from ShopBlackBerry imo. Saving 10usd isn't worth it.

    Posted via CB10
    10-01-16 11:42 AM
  23. Philip Edwards2's Avatar
    Defo it's going to be worth buying, bb10 is still one of the best os's for buisness user

    Posted via CB10
    ratfinkstooley and bigjman like this.
    10-01-16 01:40 PM
  24. brjaan's Avatar
    I have tried the priv over and over but keep coming back to the Passport. BB10 is so much easier to use and runs the apps that I use.

    Posted via CB10
    ratfinkstooley likes this.
    10-01-16 03:42 PM
  25. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    I've honestly changed my mind about this. I've seen the power of BB10 in recent weeks so I wouldn't mind getting a second Passport or even the SE.

     Classically Posted ClassicSQC100-4/ 
    10-01-16 03:58 PM
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