04-01-18 09:48 PM
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  1. samtronswt's Avatar
    Currently have the black Passport. If this phone happens to go to the gutter before/if a new passport comes out, I'll end up purchasing a passport se, so yes.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport.
    02-05-16 06:35 AM
  2. greghm's Avatar
    I am balanced between Yes and No. It is an awesome phone, great to type but I have been having issues with the Amazon Apps quite often. At the last update of the OS it was fixed but it is back to having this bug where Apps are slow and freeze.
    02-05-16 06:53 AM
  3. JREwing's Avatar
    I'm torn between yes and no. I have a Note 4, which I only use on vacations. My SE Passport is absolutely the best device around the office. Email, text, Blend give it an edge over anyone. Battery life is second to none. For a productivity machine, it's Passport for me.
    But the app situation and lack of Google Services integration is what is the killer. The future doesn't look bright. Google Now is much better than BlackBerry Assistant. Auto Google Photos upload and better camera is why I pull my Note 4 when vacation time hits.
    Funny when I was golfing in Vegas for two weeks, I used my Golf Logix app on the fareways. My buddies with iPhones and Note phones kept asking me to tell them the distances because their phones were dying. My Passport saved the day. It kept rocking through 18 holes easily. I was snapping pics with the Note, but utilizing my Passport for productivity on the course.

    Posted via CB10
    02-05-16 07:57 AM
  4. coffeeaddict305's Avatar
    My sister and I just bought it yesterday now my mom's red passport has two other different coloured siblings - the black (which will be mine) and white (sister's) complete passport family!

    Posted via CB10
    02-05-16 08:01 AM
  5. AR8445's Avatar
    YES! But don't over pay. It's not worth nearly what people are asking, despite it being one of the most amazing phones available today.

    Posted via CB10
    02-05-16 08:02 AM
  6. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Yes it's on my agenda.

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    02-06-16 11:37 AM
  7. aha's Avatar

    02-06-16 11:43 AM
  8. YUUUUP's Avatar
    Just got my Passport SE from shopblackberry canada !! Only took one business day to ship. This thing is a beast 

    Posted via CB10
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    02-06-16 12:17 PM
  9. koebi90's Avatar
    Definitely will buy a SE after my classic passport passes out... I don't care about other form factors or OS.

    Just hope BlackBerry really keeps on supporting BlackBerry10...

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-16 04:34 PM
  10. DaleLocooo's Avatar
    You are asking in CRACKBERRY = BlackBerry fans page so everyone (mostly) will say yes, I'm not a fan I'm a simple user and I say no, I say no, not because PP be a bad phone, I say no because there's will be no support anymore, slowly each service that does not provide BlackBerry stop working, like Facebook or Twitter or you name it, if some day per example Facebook Dropbox or Box change their API and Facebook don't support BlackBerry anymore Facebook app become useless, when BlackBerry makes it official everyone will drop support for BlackBerry10 I know this because before I was an N9 user and what I mentioned above happened

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-16 04:57 PM
  11. jas1978's Avatar
    Knowing what I know now, I probably would not buy the Passport. Not because it isn't a great phone, but because I hardly use it. The size is just a tad too big for me. Right now the Classic is a great size to get my communication done.

    I do look forward to getting more use out of the Passpot, but not right now. If I had the ability to get a 100% refund on the Passport I would. Although in a few months I'd probably be eyeing the Passport SE. Lol

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-16 07:04 PM
  12. alkralk's Avatar
    Just bought passport SE. Coming from Q10 for some months. Prior to that, came from galaxy S4. Glad that I didn't pick LG G4 or S6. Luv the keyboard and productivity. Takes great pics, videos, and multi tasks like crazy!

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-16 08:05 PM
  13. Blackburberry_priv's Avatar
    I would if android could run on it officially

    02-08-16 01:47 AM
  14. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    02-08-16 05:59 PM
  15. mefretwell's Avatar
    Absolutely! Love the PP
    02-08-16 06:04 PM
  16. TUBAYFOR Q10's Avatar
    I have Att passport and Classic and just bought PP SE, thinking to sell Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    02-08-16 06:38 PM
  17. bracque's Avatar
    I have Att passport and Classic and just bought PP SE, thinking to sell Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    Why sell the classic? Isn't the keyboard great or you like pp better?
    02-08-16 08:39 PM
  18. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    Sure I would, why not, and with the way I am getting double typing, I might have to buy another one soon and hope that it doesn't double type.
    02-09-16 04:04 PM
  19. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    02-09-16 10:21 PM
  20. IcYthemes's Avatar
    Scrolling through this thread with my Pkb so i'd say....Hell Yea!

    Posted via  Passport 
    02-10-16 12:46 AM
  21. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    02-10-16 04:32 PM
  22. desporterizer's Avatar
    Just bought one this week, so yes.

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-16 09:34 PM
  23. The_Passporter's Avatar
    Does paying $200 for a new screen instead of getting new phone count? Lol. Hell yeah!!!

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-16 07:54 PM
  24. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    02-12-16 07:13 AM
  25. Edijs Benoit's Avatar
    I had original passport. Bought it as soon it was released. In September I bought SE. Than I thought I wanted to try iPhone. I bought iPhone and couldn't even live with it or without my passport. So I sold my iPhone just after 2 weeks of use and got myself new SE. I am in love with SE passport. Emails, net, camera is not bad at all, screen, excellent keyboard, BATTERY etc. Yes it is good time to buy it. And OS10 is not dead.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-12-16 07:21 AM
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