04-01-18 09:48 PM
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  1. Alain_A's Avatar
    Yup. Favorite phone so far. Only wish there was a physical "Alt" button for text editing.

    Posted via CB10
    holding the virtual alt wouldn't work?
    12-31-15 11:19 PM
  2. DiegoV_G's Avatar
    Yes, I'm buying one this month. The only reason to not buy the Priv it's because of the awful Android thing. I can't wait for the Passport

    Posted via CB10
    12-31-15 11:24 PM
  3. BB_PP's Avatar
    Yes, I just did, and am ringing in the new year with it!! OG white passport all day!

    Posted via CB10
    Happy black year

    Posted via Priv...
    01-01-16 03:10 AM
  4. jamesbondOO7's Avatar

    Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Passport
    01-01-16 03:17 AM
  5. walker85av's Avatar
    Same here I went from iPhone to a priv and ended up with this beast early days so far but liking it any tips welcome

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 05:04 AM
  6. hobgoblin1961's Avatar
    absolut yes, going to get a Passport next month to accompany my Classic, using the Passport as sort of semi stationary desktop device hooked up to a "inateck BK1003 BT keyboard" and a "Logitech T630 mini touch mouse" as well as with a WiDi Miracast device to a 18" Display, all wireless replacing a PC as much as possible, but keep the Classic as daily runner for making calls.

    Works perfectly in conjunction with the Classic, all running via BES12 Cloud and ActiveSync.

    Just making full use of all BlackBerry OS10 capabilities that is possible anyway.

    Posted via -Classic SQC100-1 / 10.3.+
    01-01-16 06:54 AM
  7. Saucy10's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 09:04 AM
  8. aofmg's Avatar
    Just got it one month ago... the original Black one. So far I am very happy with it. Meets my needs pretty well... email, texting, news, browsing, following stock quotes, phone, Twitter (native app... still don't see why I should use Blaq) and LinkedIn... I still have to the install Kindle app to read my ebooks...

    Definitely yes!!

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 10:01 AM
  9. rmed2009's Avatar
    Yes but I'd either get the white one or the SE

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 01:42 PM
  10. SourceCode's Avatar
    Yes! I'm switching (as soon as they have them in stock; my entire province is out) for about $100. Worth it to me.
    01-01-16 06:32 PM
  11. galifreiankid's Avatar
    Without a second thought I would get another

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 07:22 PM
  12. mrlahjr's Avatar
    Yes even today.

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    01-01-16 07:53 PM
  13. california governor's Avatar
    Part of my New Years resolution, buy a BlackBerry this year.

     CA Governor on Passport SE 
    01-02-16 02:56 PM
  14. anon(8050899)'s Avatar
    Definitely yes! I'm just sitting in the bed of my hotel room and doing all kinds of things with my Passport: studying Russian words, watching films, listening to music, writing e-mails; there are so many things, that can be done so easily and nicely. Screen, keyboard and speed are just ideal!

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-16 03:10 PM
  15. simon williams4's Avatar
    Just did, had white passport 12 months, SE arrives tomorrow via Amazon

    Posted via CB10
    01-02-16 03:44 PM
  16. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    01-02-16 10:08 PM
  17. Rico4you's Avatar
    Have 1 week old awesome Passport SE direct from ShopBlackBerry. Great bundle offer with amazing device!

    Posted via CB10
    01-03-16 06:33 AM
  18. Thienthan Cacchu's Avatar
    Yes. Sure good phone

    Posted via CB10
    01-03-16 07:23 AM
  19. mk2234's Avatar
    Love my passport! But i'm eyeing the classic.
    01-03-16 07:50 AM
  20. LaMach's Avatar
    Are you kidding?!?! Hell yeah! Replaced my PC. Best device on market.

    Yep. A PassPort.
    01-03-16 12:34 PM
  21. JMDBERRY's Avatar
    Yes! Although, very much wish it had the camera from the Priv!

    Posted via CB10
    01-03-16 12:55 PM
  22. anthony optimo's Avatar
    Yes, yes, yes.

    Posted with my  Passport.
    01-03-16 03:17 PM
  23. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    01-03-16 03:34 PM
  24. SilverSfr's Avatar
    I just snagged the equivalent of the SE bundle on eBay!

    Posted via CB10
    01-03-16 04:47 PM
  25. mrlahjr's Avatar

    TMO  Z10,STL100-3/
    01-03-16 06:00 PM
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