04-01-18 09:48 PM
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  1. snowbeast's Avatar
    I went from Android to Passport.
    Day 1 I missed the app store and how convenient it was to download android apps.
    Today is a week later and I don't know how I ever lived without my passport.
    Most amazing phone I've ever owned.
    Wife has a top of the range opposition phone and my passport is way smoother.

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    11-04-15 12:22 PM
  2. evilcmac's Avatar
    Just did and this thing is beast!

    11-04-15 01:08 PM
  3. AsianStorm's Avatar
    Still loving my passport!!!

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    11-16-15 05:22 AM
  4. bhrhr77's Avatar
    Just got a Passport SE as a present, which I really wanted for rather long time. Happy about it and getting used to pkb now =). Great experience after 3 years of using my awesome z10)

    It is just posted via Blackberry
    11-16-15 04:16 PM
  5. Bashirdi2's Avatar
    I bought a BlackBerry priv and liked it so much that I decided to return it and get a passport for the full blackberry experience

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    11-16-15 04:48 PM
  6. anon(5986148)'s Avatar
    No. But that's because I bought it two days ago. It's fantastic. Best phone I've had. Better than the Z30 but only because I couldn't tolerate any more auto-corrected emails with nonsensical words. There is nothing like a physical kb for people who prioritize business emails (over apps... my phone is not a toy for me) and this is the most innovative one ever designed.

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    11-16-15 04:54 PM
  7. edu3110's Avatar
    YES! The Passport is a great device. I usually sell my previous device every time a new one (all BlackBerry), but this time around, I'm keeping the Passport.

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    11-16-15 05:16 PM
  8. Zedd88's Avatar
    Yes! In fact I just did. My OG passport which I had for a little over a year already just had an LCD bleed. This gave me the "excuse" to buy a Blackberry Passport Silver Edition. And am loving the SE although it is basically just the same as the OG, the slight improvements they did make it worth the upgrade. The keyboard is wonderful and the rounded chin and slightly longer chin made it better over the OG. It also looks much better than my Black Passport.
    11-16-15 08:28 PM
  9. BB_sheep's Avatar
    I've been an active reader of CB for quite some time, but finally got around to signing up .

    I've used numerous BBs since back in 2005 and am now on a Classic. I finally drew the trigger on a new PP OG yesterday and am certainly looking forward to it! I've been thinking about the PP for a long time (in fact, already before I bought my Classic), but was not so sure about the form factor in the beginning - since the Priv is not my kind of device and I've read so many great things about this device, I decided to give it a go and hope I'm going to enjoy BB 10 for quite some time to come .

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    11-17-15 02:37 AM
  10. adtif's Avatar
    Passport is an awesome phone. When u have familiar with the PKB, u will get the satisfaction of typing. It is still the best PKB yet !(my personal opinion) it is the best time to invest on Passport now coz Price is lower and it is one of the best BlackBerry Phone yet! I have no regret since January 2015 till now. Hope u make ur right choice.

    With my Black Passport
    11-17-15 09:02 AM
  11. california governor's Avatar
    Just bought a new Passport SE.
    Lost mine over the weekend. There is something about this 'cult' once you are in, you're in forever! BlackBerry forever!

     CA Governor on Passport SE 
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    12-03-15 05:39 PM
  12. bbtino's Avatar
    I plan on getting a Passport SE soonish.

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    12-03-15 06:48 PM
  13. j_fiore's Avatar
    Got a silver edition from shop BlackBerry's black Friday sale.

    Coming from a nexus 5, but had a Z10, playbook, and every bold since the 9000. This phone feels amazing compared to the cheap plastic nexus.

    No regrets here. Able to get all the apps I use regularly thanks to cobalt's work. Glad to be back with BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10 on my Passport SE
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    12-03-15 07:01 PM
  14. dalinxz's Avatar
    I would because I like the phone, but if I knew how silent BlackBerry would go after going Android and still not being certain about the future of BB10 because of continuing lack of transparency, I would not. Based on what's being said, it seems like BB10 will go the way of the playbook, they're just going to wait it out in 'maintenance mode' for the time being

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    12-03-15 07:12 PM
  15. Darkfibre80's Avatar
    Bought a SE after my classic 2 weeks ago and then bought the Black passport. Got it yesterday. Trying them side by side. SE is flashier and keyboard isn't as "loud / poppy" as black. But I really like the black form factor. Smooth rounded edges and is a touch shorter and lighter, thinner. I also like looking at an all BlackBerry. So I'm on the fence which one to keep for good here. But either way passport is the shizz. And yes couple play store apps thanks to coblat (maps, apple music).

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    12-03-15 07:24 PM
  16. sidhuk's Avatar
    Just got one today.
    Smooth. Very smooth.

    Would you still buy a Passport today?-img_20151203_152620.jpg

    Posted Via blackberry passport.
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    12-03-15 08:30 PM
  17. Bfalcon1's Avatar
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    12-03-15 08:46 PM
  18. Zeratul57's Avatar
    So thankful for BB10 and our real Blackberrys. I just had to say so again.
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    12-03-15 08:46 PM
  19. AYC2112's Avatar
    Calling the Passport a smartphone doesn't do it justice.

    It's a mini computer and the keyboard shortcuts and instant actions and capacitive keyboard are just amazing.

    I would choose this phone over and over again (I have the SE version) even if having a full ecosystem was important to me. That's how awesome this device is.

    A resounding YES!!!

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-15 09:07 PM
  20. fanBBRY's Avatar
    I really want to get a SE Passport for myself
    12-03-15 10:04 PM
  21. Sparksx's Avatar
    I just bought another.

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    12-03-15 10:38 PM
  22. hkkelvinlee's Avatar
    Having struggled between a PP SE and a Priv for a long time, I just ordered the SE. May look at Priv or future Android phone by BlackBerry again after MM is used with BlackBerry hardening effectively incorporated.

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    12-06-15 09:06 PM
  23. int19's Avatar
    No, and am strongly considering jumping ship to Android, mainly because of app issues.

    Maps in Australia are terrible, especially with regards to POIs. No good offline alternatives.

    Spotify barely works, and is incredibly slow, when it works at all.

    No music/video store any longer.

    Facebook client has been broken for months.

    No NFC payment support, which is taking off in a big way here.

    My bank have shut down their mobile website recently, now supporting only Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

    Uber now requires Google Play services, and I have had no luck getting it to work with patching. I use this quite a lot.

    Calendar is still very clunky compared to BB7. Entering appointments is a pain.

    Camera is barely usable - very, very slow to focus and take photos (often more than ten seconds to tale a photo of an inanimate object).

    Beginning to have issues with the browser. Where once I thought the BlackBerry browser was best in class, am finding many AJAX heavy HTML5 sites kill it - which is a problem when there's no native app for that website.

    Lack of support - had my Passport Screen lift after 2 months and BlackBerry refused to fix it (or wanted half the price of anew phone to give me a refurb), so I fixed it myself.

    As a messaging, Web device, it's stil fantastic, but nowadays I spend more time finding workarounds than using the thing.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-06-15 10:53 PM
  24. Darkfibre80's Avatar
    Having struggled between a PP SE and a Priv for a long time, I just ordered the SE. May look at Priv or future Android phone by BlackBerry again after MM is used with BlackBerry hardening effectively incorporated.

    Posted via CB10
    Good choice. I got the price on launch day and the apps from BlackBerry aren't yet refined enough like bb10 - I got frustrated quickly. But I'm hopeful. It's on the shelf and I use it on wifi for stuff. Bought the passport SE a week later and boy oh boy it is amazing. Bb10 really comes to life.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-15 11:00 PM
  25. JMDBERRY's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    12-07-15 07:16 AM
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