03-22-17 03:54 AM
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    Screen lift is Par for the course with Passport. It doesn't matter really. It's a cosmetic nitpick complaint. Both of my AT&T Passports have it. What does it matter? It sticks up on one corner maybe a half a millimeter. Big deal. It's a hardware design flaw.

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    03-17-17 01:50 AM
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    Ok. Time to chip back in. My SE fault cannot be user error. I've only taken it out of the box to photo it for BlackBerry Support . They're repairing it for me as we squeak

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    03-17-17 02:00 PM
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    Ok. Time to chip back in. My SE fault cannot be user error. I've only taken it out of the box to photo it for BlackBerry Support . They're repairing it for me as we squeak

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    Interesting, keep us updated on the repair. I wonder if they change out the adhesive.

    But yes, you're correct, the Passport SE does not have widespread screen lift issues due to user error or bending of the frame. It comes out of the box that way--it's a design flaw (hot processor in upper right hand corner combined with a weak screen adhesive. It's mostly a cosmetic issue, but extremely frustrating.

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    03-19-17 01:19 AM
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    Adam and Eve it? :-/
    Cockney rhyming slang. Adam & eve it = believe it. Apples & pears = stairs etc.

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    03-19-17 04:37 AM
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    There is not a single Passport SE that does not have screen lift.

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    Mine doesn't.

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    03-19-17 04:38 AM
  6. z10Jobe's Avatar
    Okay... just checked my silver passport....the screen is ever so slightly raised along the entire top edge in relation to the frame, but it is less than half a millimetre. Not noticeable unless you are really specifically looking for it. The $3 undersized screen protector feels like a grester ridge than the glass if you put your finger on it. Soooo... to me, it is a non issue and I would suggest that I don't have screen lift but I will keep monitoring it.

    Just checked a recently purchased black Passport and absolutely no screen lift.

    The only issue I have with my silver passport is that the swipe to wake isn't as good (sometimes takes multiple or deliberate swipes) in comparison to my other BlackBerry phones, so I resort to tapping the power button.

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    03-19-17 10:20 AM
  7. thp007's Avatar
    I have the screen lift since day 1 when I received the unit from BlackBerry . For some time I thought it was the screen protector that it comes with but over the time that I have read more about the issue I knew what to look for. When I slide my finger down from the top bazel I can feel a little bump but when I press down the screen it is flat and I don't feel the bump anymore . This lasts only for a few seconds because the screen pops up again. I treat my phone like a baby so you can't say it was mistreated . I had other issue ( keyboard not being bright evenly across) with my unit so blackberry sent me replacement units 3 times and everyone had the screen lift. Those who don't have that problem are the lucky ones.

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    03-19-17 04:41 PM
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    03-21-17 09:16 AM
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    Thread will remain closed.
    03-22-17 03:54 AM
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