10-03-15 11:31 PM
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  1. house78's Avatar
    This is the best phone by far! You'll hear limited app selection as a handicap but the phone has the basics to communicate and keep you organize and productive.

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    10-03-15 06:51 PM
  2. dvarnai's Avatar
    I will simply answer your question with this: this is the best smartphone I have ever owned! Do not worry about those who say BB10 is doomed. BlackBerry has promised ongoing support and a major upgrade in March of 2016. We Passport owners have also been getting incremental updates quite regularly.

    I have the original BlackBeauty. It is great for keeping me productive as far as work goes and connected as far as personal life is concerned. I highly recommend the Passport; but what do you expect from a response on a BlackBerry fan site.

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    Wtf? BlackBerry did NOT announce a MAJOR upgrade. They announced a maintenance update and nothing more... Chen also said he would replace bb10 with android if it was successful. There's no scenario where bb10 will live on and get major updates

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    10-03-15 09:10 PM
  3. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    Is it worth?

    A year ago, yes it is!

    This year?

    Nobody knew... the ones who are going to say 'yes', are those already bought it...

    Next year?

    It may no longer worthy... especially if Priv will be successful than any BB10 devices BlackBerry had ever launched...

    Posted via CB10
    10-03-15 11:31 PM
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