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    I'm a big BlackBerry fan and I own z10. I was following the BlackBerry Passport from past few months. I was too excited to know that it is going to launch in India soon on September 29th.

    I was expecting a price below Rs. 40000 ($666) since competition is very high here plus BlackBerry needs to survive. Rs. 35000 would be a perfect price.

    But then I seen that it has been launched for Rs. 50000 ($833). Thats way too overpriced. I know that if we see the hardware level, it is worth but still the os isn't mature enough. BlackBerry still needs to build its reputation. Anyone spending Rs. 50000 will go for Apple instead.

    The z10 was launched in India for Rs. 45000. Soon in an year, the price dropped to rs. 15000. Omg, a straight 1/3rd.

    Sadly, I can say that BlackBerry Passport will most probably be a fail in India and pricing will be cut by 1/2 atleast

    Posted via CB10
    09-29-14 09:03 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Here is a thread already about the price being so high.

    09-29-14 09:06 PM

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