1. freedomx20a's Avatar
    Hey guys anyone know how to edit reviews.

    Story: I won a BB Passport from Backup Pro app. But I didn't claim it in 7 days its been 8 days. I just saw it today.

    I wanted to edit my review and I put TEST as title and TEST as review. I can't see the review and I can't edit my old one.

    The first review was done with my old phone. I just got a replacement Passport yesterday from Blackberry.com because the first one they sent me was new yet didnt work. Quality control problems!? Anyway...

    So I'm pissed that these people didn't even email me. I'm BUSY I HAVE A LIFE. I dont check the channels everyday. Today is my day off and I checked and see...and what do you know!!! oh I won 8 days ago. WoW! BTW if i got an email i would have responded in 20 seconds. Thats how we bb ppl do! am i right?

    Backup Pro app. BTW it doesn't work well with BOX. It works with backup but not restoring with BOX. Go figure!!! Since I been changing phones like crazy last couple weeks everytime I try to get my contacts back with box it doesnt work. Only thing that works reliably for me is the SD Card restore.

    Can someone shed some light on the Review and when can I edit my original review that Won the Passport.

    I just wanna put the BOX problem and explain how un organized they are etc.

    Any advice on the anger I feel about this as well would help as well.
    11-16-14 12:02 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    You can't edit reviews. Once they go, they go.

    If you delete the app and reinstall, you can add a new review though.

    But I think you'd be better served EMAILING the devs.
    11-16-14 12:05 PM
  3. mf1982's Avatar
    I saw the contest, but didn't enter.

    I think part of the point of the contest was to promote their BBM Channel (where they do marketing).

    The dev has offered a number of giveaways on the channel (including a Q10 and the Passport) and has also offered cash and apps through it.

    It's a marketing/support/tutorial channel that they want people to visit often. That is why I think they do these things through the channel and not email.

    It would suck to be in your position no doubt, but ultimately the dev (or any person giving away a $700 piece of hardware) has the right to set out rules and how they expect to be contacted to claim the prize and this is how the dev did it. Sorry about your luck, but I wouldn't be blaming the dev for it.

    A week is plenty to claim it. Sucks to be the second person on their new list to respond. They listed three new winners (but only the first to contact will actually get it).

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-14 12:36 PM
  4. freedomx20a's Avatar
    OK guys Fire Chest Dev is awesome!


    Fire Chest APP's has got in contact with me.

    They are amazing. They offered me $500 as a runner up, since I was the original Winner. Im gonna make it easier to find myself now with my screen name. I am very thankful. Its amazing that they did this when they didnt have too.

    Now go buy the app its worth it!
    11-16-14 03:31 PM
  5. FireChestApps's Avatar
    Over in our BBM channel two weeks of suspense culminated in 24 hours of high drama. There is simply no way to get the email address of a BlackBerry ID screen name from a review in BlackBerry World.

    Won a Passport yet didnt!  How to edit BB World Reviews?-img_20141117_150840.jpg

    And while they say no publicity is bad publicity, we can certainly add "all's well ends well". Even though they didn't get the Passport, both HDLuffy and RevySketch were finally found and were rewarded.

    HDLuffy's review was actually quite exquisite. It was just the right length. It focused on several key strengths that were important to him. It was spontaneous and it flowed elegantly. We wanted to use it in the new website but didn't write it down (doh!). Anyway, if anyone remembers it or took a screenshot then let us know.

    Congrat's to amit2k7, HDLuffy, & RevySketch.

    The financial return from app sales in general is meagre but it's the sense of purpose and community that drives us. Our apps are priced a little more than most but we are heavily focused on the user experience for those that appreciate the finer things in life. Proceeds from app sales will continue to be channelled back into the BlackBerry community.

    We are gearing up to do it all over again in December (or maybe January), but this time we are hoping to bring CrackBerry on board. Will contact Blaze about it in coming days.

    PS. Thanks mf1982 & diegonei for your timely post too. And Andy Zocster too.

    PPS. The Box issue has affected a limited number of users and is being fixed
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    11-16-14 10:39 PM

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