06-13-14 09:39 PM
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    Maybe place speakers at the bottom, that would add height and make it easier to type..

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    That chin makes the device look much better.

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    06-13-14 05:29 AM
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    Or if it's on the Sprint network, it would be frugly.

    How about fugly

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    06-13-14 01:15 PM
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    N4BB apparently took a user poll, and 70% preferred rounded edges to the current prototype. People are expressing their dismay because they hope that BlackBerry is listening and that it isn't too late to rectify the problem. You are more than welcome to like what you've seen. I personally think that the only way that they could justify releasing it is to say that they unfortunately laid off the design team a month too early to cut costs, and they didn't have time to finish the job.

    Again, if they release it "as is" (and we really don't know if the photos are intended to represent the *final* version, then I'm happy for you that you'll be happy. As for me, I'll be ... hmmm ... flummoxed and irked ... because Mr Chen has indicated that he listens to the customer base, and the majority of people who are likely customers don't care for the aesthetics of the design.

    Ahh, so many trolls when it comes to the Q30. Stop calling it ugly, that just isn't a nice thing to say. If you have a better Idea on how to give me a 4.5" display and keyboard then go ahead and send it to blackberry. But it's going to be hard to outshine this 'Ugly' phone.

    I think what most people have issues with is that it doesn't look like anything they've seen before. It doesn't really look like a BlackBerry, and it's definitely not even close to an iPhone. It new so people fear it conceptually.

    I just have one plea, don't insult things others treasure.
    06-13-14 01:22 PM
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    06-13-14 01:26 PM
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    Two thoughts on public polling for design:
    1. It will give the public what they want.
    2. It's a first class one-way ticket on the Dullsville Express.
    06-13-14 07:08 PM
  6. Skandalous1's Avatar
    Sweet God, that appears to be an absolute disaster in the making. It honestly looks like something out of an article in The Onion.

    The evidence is mounting that it's the real deal, but I'll remain in staunch denial until the official announcement. As of now it feels like they needed Jony Ive, but hired Victor Frankenstein.
    06-13-14 09:39 PM
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