04-22-14 03:49 PM
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  1. Zolti's Avatar
    Windermere of England?

    Winderemere leaked q30-lakewinderemere.jpg

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    04-14-14 07:37 AM
  2. toieboie's Avatar
    Amazing , keyboard and a big screen , what else can I ask for :P, ok I am not a big screen fan, but wide is always better to type on

    04-14-14 08:02 AM
  3. lawguyman's Avatar
    Winderemere leaked q30-test-1-.png

    I did this mockup using dimensions from the case manufacturer. One has a 4.5 inch screen and the other has a 5" screen.

    Huge phone. It may be too wide to fit in a shirt pocket.

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    04-14-14 08:14 AM
  4. BlackQtCoder's Avatar
    Err... Does that thing slide together and stand the keys on end, or something?
    (EDIT: ...in which case I'd have to assume it's the edges that are touch sensitive and accessible when folded up...)
    (EDIT2: ...maybe just recessed, beneath the frets and front, with the frets sliding together to form the touch part...)
    All is possible. Keyboard similar to Lenovo Lift 'n Lock when is folded up and hiding it under screen?? Pure speculation here but...

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    04-14-14 08:42 AM
  5. KDB84's Avatar
    Wow, this looks terrible! I really hope those aren't true photos and just a terrible photoshop job.
    04-14-14 09:38 AM
  6. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    Someone on this forum pretends to have seen a developer device 13cmx9cm.
    That would be a huge device as a Galaxy note 3 is 'only' 14.5cm x 7.5cm for a 5.7" screen.
    A 5" screen would fit on a 13cmx9cm (very well with a 3 row of keys)
    That would be a real small computer almost 'pocketable'.
    I'd definitely buy a 4.5"-5" with physical keyboard, I don't really care if it fits my pocket (I would make it fit )

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    04-14-14 11:12 AM
  7. Solar 77's Avatar
    This is starting to get interesting!

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    04-14-14 12:45 PM
  8. hxcellent's Avatar
    I would buy this device in a heart beat - switched from the Q dev device to Z10 and I don't like the touchy keyboard at all.
    04-14-14 01:37 PM
  9. tinochiko's Avatar
    I would buy this device in a heart beat - switched from the Q dev device to Z10 and I don't like the touchy keyboard at all.
    Does it cry when you complain about an auto correct or something?

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    04-14-14 01:48 PM
  10. hxcellent's Avatar
    Does it cry when you complain about an auto correct or something?

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    Autocorrect works fine
    04-14-14 04:01 PM
  11. tinochiko's Avatar
    Autocorrect works fine
    What makes it so 'touchy' then..

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    04-14-14 04:09 PM
  12. Omnitech's Avatar
    I bet the "tap" is if you first tap a letter and then press it, you get a capital letter. That's pretty cool.

    Ya think?

    I would much rather just hold the letter just like BlackBerries from 10 years ago would do to capitalize a letter.

    They actually even screwed that up with BB10, increasing the "dwell time" to probably double the previous requirement and forcing that function to also offer "extended" characters - ie for languages you will never use - to popup and be offered when holding down the key, and you cannot turn that off.

    One of BB10's various "facepalm moments".
    04-15-14 02:53 AM
  13. hxcellent's Avatar
    What makes it so 'touchy' then..

    TechCraze C0008DDD1
    I need tactile - not touchy feeling
    04-15-14 07:19 AM
  14. tonythecanuck's Avatar
    Maybe for institutional use, like hospitals since BlackBerry just entered into agreement with medical data firm.

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    04-15-14 11:58 AM
  15. imcurved's Avatar
    Windermere of England?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LakeWinderemere.jpg 
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ID:	263005

    Now we are talking. I want one NOW.

    ? CB10 ?
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    04-21-14 06:02 PM
  16. anon8786360's Avatar
    Looks kind of different right now but I think I could get used to it! It's like a mini tablet that can do everything that a BlackBerry smartphone can...which is A LOT!

    Also, watching videos on this device would be awesome!

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-14 03:49 PM
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