10-22-14 07:36 PM
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  1. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Definately a "No" as well! I was using a Z30 and a samsung android passport. For what I need for my day to day use and to manage my work life, the passport really was the easy answer for me!

    I can't see the need for another device nor would it be necessary! Prior to using the Passport, I was using a 17inch laptop, a android tablet, and a Z30.

    I've had to streamline all of the devices as it got a little bit carried away and explained the constant weight of all of these devices being carried around! The first device to go is the tablet, as it became redundant quite fast. The tablet was used for client scheduling and contact management. Of which I can do beautifully on the Passport. Finally my laptop can stay at home now, although the size is awesome it's a pretty heavy device to be carrying around with a tablet and mobile phone!

    So for me the BlackBerry Passport has Streamlined my need to use multiple devices which essentially do the same things into one high powered device I can fit into my pocket.

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    10-22-14 07:32 PM
  2. DocGo's Avatar
    Yes. My Passport is my work phone. I have an iPhone 6 for my workout/run/gym sessions.

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    10-22-14 07:36 PM
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