10-06-14 09:08 AM
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  1. CyberMan2013's Avatar
    Check this out. Clearer instructions and explanations of how to get Google apps working on BB10.


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    10-06-14 07:57 AM
  2. tdaye's Avatar
    I love my Z10 but with what looks to be the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones such as the ugly huge looking "passport " and the dated looking "classic", unless a new high tech all touch smartphone gets released it sadly looks like a change in carrier for me at my next upgrade in January 2015. Sadly!

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    Great, see ya.

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    10-06-14 08:03 AM
  3. Dazlr Boy's Avatar
    Lol....passport is own searching for leak....

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    10-06-14 08:10 AM
  4. The Big Picture's Avatar
    So when I hear people say BlackBerry can run Android (and now Amazon Appstore) apps, what are they talking about?
    It means that blackberry 10 phones runs 98% of all android apps.

    The 2 percent would be apps heavily reliant on Google play services.

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    10-06-14 09:08 AM
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