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    Finally got my mom off of iOS (huge PITA back then with Apple/imessage) last year for mother's day with a Z10. She will be getting a new device asap and am trying my best to keep her on BB10. She has no problem with the OS, but at this point she is concerned with accessories, etc. versus getting another iPhone. Trying to upgrade her to the Passport. Finally got an acceptable case (SEIDIO Gold), although she would rather have a cheap pink TPU lol; no luck there, but she said it'll do until more options become available.

    I also was able to find mirror screen protectors off of Amazon which had a 1 star review saying it wasn't meant for the Passport, but took a chance and ordered anyway and it matches up perfectly with my Passport screen protector. A bit concerned that there is no cutout for the LED, just a small hole for the front camera as per the picture. I don't see the hole on the protector, but may have to remove the front and back first I'm hoping. My matte Skinomi protector has the cutout from the LED all of the way through to the camera, but she would not buy without the mirror. I know, ridiculous lol. That's my mom though and she just asked for a nice case and mirror protector.

    So I guess my question is, will the original screen protectors fit the AT&T version? I am thinking I may have to cut the top corners both diagonal slightly to get a good fit. I'm assuming the screen is pretty much identical as far as the screen goes and camera placement, just worried about the top corners. Bought a few so I can modify the top if needed. Any thoughts?

    Having difficulty posting a link, but it is the NextKin mirror for Q30/Passport. I just searched Amazon for "BlackBerry Passport mirror". I do see there are now a bunch specifically for the AT&T version (no mirror though that I can find).

    Tired of waiting and ready to get her this phone! Hoping she loves it, but this has been dragging on with AT&T and the new design did NOT help!

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    04-17-15 09:58 AM
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    Not very well. I have been through 4 (allegedly for AT&T version) via Amazon and they were all square and way too small.

    Finally, found Flex Shield (ultra hd screen protection) on Amazon (5 pack) for just a few bucks and fits perfectly with the rounded corners.
    04-17-15 10:06 AM
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    Not very well. I have been through 4 (allegedly for AT&T version) via Amazon and they were all square and way too small.

    Finally, found Flex Shield (ultra hd screen protection) on Amazon (5 pack) for just a few bucks and fits perfectly with the rounded corners.
    Hmm... that's interesting. I assumed the screen size is identical including the placement of the camera which is my major concern with this protector. There is a small hole for the front camera rather than the usual cutout from LED through to Camera. If the cutout for the speaker and camera fit, but the protector is a tad small I really wouldn't care much and probably wouldn't have to trim the top corners.

    This is not for me, rather my mother and she just wants a nice case and a mirror screen protector... AT&T had to change the design :-(

    Will probably get the device and hope for the best. A few local corporate stores carry both the Passport and Classic. Was just curious if anyone used an original protector on the AT&T redesign. Thanks for the reply!

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    04-17-15 10:22 AM
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    Do you know if the original Passport and the front camera are the same distance from the top speaker on both versions? If so, then the protector would likely fit if it is a bit small that's fine.

    Just need the speaker cutout and camera cutout to align. Not sure if you or anyone have both the original and AT&T version and could possibly take a look.

    I just don't see BlackBerry changing that much besides the rounded corners and I guess the extra chin, but changing the screen completely didn't seem likely. Figured it was just adjusted to the rounded corners.

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    04-17-15 10:31 AM
  5. LP_Rigg's Avatar
    I don't know the exact specs on either. It may very well be that the ones I received will not fit perfectly on the original variant either. The ones I referred to fit the entire screen perfectly. It would be difficult for the sq ones to replicate that I suspect
    04-19-15 09:53 AM
  6. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I have a screen protector from the OG on my at&t Passport. Fits nicely.
    04-19-15 10:25 AM

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