1. HomeyJay's Avatar
    Firstly, can I say that I'm new to BB and that my first device is the z30, which I absolutely love. I borrowed a q10 and played with it for a few days and although I loved the keyboard shortcuts and the way the keyboard integrated into the OS, I preferred typing on the Z30.
    I'm drawn to the Passport because of its form factor but is the typing experience on it, much better than the q10? If so, how?
    Can anyone who's made the switch from z30 to Passport advise please as I'm desperate to get one!
    10-02-14 10:45 AM
  2. JDel23's Avatar
    Are you able to go to a store to try one? I've had the both the Z10 and Q10 and have typed on the Z30. All are easy to type on. The Passport will take time to get used to but it is not a difficult adjustment in my opinion. I am coming from a Q10 to the Passport so I guess I'm just used to a keyboard.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport 10.3
    10-02-14 11:34 AM
  3. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Well I'm kinda in the same boat as you are OP. At first I was like definetly not getting the passport. But then aften I tried 10.3.1 on my Z30 I thought the Passport will fit to my needs. 10.3.1 made me go all the way back to 10.2.1 since I need BlackBerry stocks and It's running om Adobe air.

    So I figure with the Passport I get.

    1. Adobe air
    2. New UI
    3. The apps will work. on 10.3.0 with my Z30 the numbers didn't display if they were too wide. This is no issue with 10.2.1
    4. Improved sound quality
    5 Improved battery life generel
    6 Improved battery.

    tbh to me that's six reasons for considering the Passport. I haven't decided yet, and I'll wait for the white one come November anyway.

    But to me that's sort of a development for saying definetly not gonna get this to saying this might fit my needs maybe just maybe I should look into what this QWERTY phone is of a deal..

    btw I only had Z10 and Z30 so in a way I'm also a newcomer and in a simmilar position.
    10-02-14 11:57 AM
  4. BenH9360's Avatar
    I wasn't sure about it but popped into a store to play around with it and now I'm definitely getting it!

    Posted via CB10
    10-02-14 12:03 PM
  5. quorky's Avatar
    Q10 and Passport are vastly different in terms of typing experience... To be honest I like both and each has a slightly different learning curve, but remember that you are coming from a virtual keyboard and that, itself, takes a week or so to wake up all the little muscles in the hands...

    go for it. cant go wrong
    10-02-14 12:27 PM
  6. guatejames's Avatar
    I switched from the Z30 to the passport last week. I loved my z30, but this was a surprisingly easy switch. The passport keyboard is amazing, took me about 4 days to get used to it, now I'm quick and fairly accurate. It has a better screen, speakers, and the browsing experience on the passport is phenomenal, on par with a tablet, camera is also sweet. The keyboard will be a challenge at first, but if you like a bigger phone passport beats z30 in every category for me

    Posted via CB10
    10-04-14 01:58 PM
  7. Warlack's Avatar
    The Z30 still has better speakers and a great screen to watch videos.

    The passport has an amazing screen for reading, typing and browsing the internet.

    Most pages I go to, I watch in desktop mode, since they display perfectly.

    The keyboard is something you pick up in a few days or weeks.

    The Z30 can be used one handed. The passport not.

    I still have both, since I like to watch stuff on the go.

    The battery life with my setup is Chenomenal!

    I just worry when it drops below 10% and I am farther than 2 hours away from getting it charged

    Z30STA100-2/ and Passport with the same version
    10-04-14 02:06 PM

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