1. Chris Ganem's Avatar
    Ok I have yet another issue with my passport.

    I am connected to my airport extreme at home.

    My passport will connect to the wifi no problem however it will stop getting the internet but still be connected.
    I get "Wifi limited " error in the hub at times but I don't always get that error.
    The PP will just stop loading i notice it when listening to sonza and the screen is off and mid song stops playing. Nothing internet related will work on the phone
    I have not had any devices have issues with my router.
    I have to reconnect to wifi and it will temporally sove the problem.
    I have erased the saved wifi - didn't help
    I have changed my passwords, set band to 2.4ghz, and then finally set a static ip on the PP.
    All the above was mentioned on google back with 10.2 but noting regarding the passport.
    None of this has helped.

    Please help as i am new to BB and am having a frustrating time with my passport.
    11-17-14 10:52 PM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Very common problem. It seems to be a software issue because ever since I updated to everything seems to work fine
    11-17-14 11:02 PM

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