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    Yes, I know this has been discussed a lot in the forums. Believe me, I've done my research and tried just about everything. Bottom line is that Blackberry Link will not back up my Passport. I consistently get the message: "Backup did not complete" either shortly after the backup begins or before it starts. I have tried all of the following workarounds:

    1. Disabling Windows Defender, firewall, and anti-virus.
    2. Uninstalling and reinstalling Link
    3. Numerous hard resets and soft resets of Passport
    4. Deleting almost all of my apps, including any that appear to have a lot of data associated with them.
    5. Selecting a custom backup.
    6. Replacing my USB connector cable with a new cable.

    I'm about at the end of my rope. Any additional suggestions aside from reloading the device software?
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    01-04-15 01:34 PM
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    If you are on the original BB10 (10.3.0.x), and using a Windows computer, open Settings, Storage and Access. Switch the USB from Autodetect to Windows. Try the backup again. If you are on 10.3.1.x and the computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the backup will not work. You will need to use some other computer.
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    How full is the HD on your computer? Run a disk check on the computer?
    01-04-15 01:48 PM
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    Yes! That worked! I'm still on 10.3.0, and changing the USB mode to Windows solved it. Thank you so much!
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    01-04-15 02:35 PM
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    "10.3.1.x and the computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the backup will not work."

    Can you please tell me why this is???
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    I have the same setup but am now on 10.3.2, and I have the same issue. In previous OS versions, you could set the USB mode to "Windows," and that did the trick. With one of these OS updates, that setting disappeared. I haven't had the need to mess around to see if it can be resolved.

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    07-29-15 11:14 PM
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    I have never been able to do a back up on my Mac..just get the same ' failed to produce a back up file '...

    This? It's a BlackBerry Passport....its a grown up's phone
    07-30-15 01:32 PM

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