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    This is Joe from Hong Kong. Not a Blackberry fan but I enjoy using the Q10 provided by my company (though some of colleagues said Q10 is the worst Blackberry phone ever). I am a strong believer in the turnaround of Blackberry as a company, and think the success of Passport as a highly crucial step. I really like Passport and it is the only phone from Blackberry that I want it to be my personal phone (My current personal phone is an Android phone). However, I am really disappointed with the marketing/pricing strategy on Passport so far and it makes me less interested in buying the phone now:

    1. The use of coupon: at such an early stage when the demand was still very high (management should have known that from the orders on the first day), why did the management still allow the use of coupon in shopblackberry? And the discount on the coupon was as high as 25%!! A 5% discount is fine but that is 25%! Who is willing to pay at the original price afterwards? Does the management want the buyers buying at the original price afterwards to have the feeling as a fool? Isnt that the coupon should be allowed to use only when the sales number is slowing down? I am not a marketing professional but what Blackberry has done do not make sense.

    2. The huge discrepancies of prices in different countries: I know tax can be a factor but that should not be the main reason. And why the US is the only country selling at the discount price of USD599? In Hong Kong, the price is HKD6288, which is equivalent to USD811! A huge difference of USD212! What will the potential buyers in Hong Kong think?

    I don't really know how Blackberry set the price for Z10, Z30, Q10, etc before. But is the current marketing/pricing strategy of Passport a result from what they have learnt from the past failures? To me, the marketing/pricing strategy of Passport so far is just nonsense. I really wanted to buy Passport before but now I can just sit and wait for the price to come down. I don't believe Passport can have a good sales performance in Hong Kong with such a strategy.
    10-14-14 03:02 AM
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    I think, ultimately, the Passport is the kind of phone where if you want it, you won't be too bothered by the issues you raise in your post. Those who don't buy it are very unlikely to be persuaded by knowing that nobody in the world is paying less than them, or that there has previously been a very generous (and very brief) special offer on the device which is now no longer available. BlackBerry were never going to be able to compete for the hearts and minds of fence-sitting consumers because they simply cannot throw anywhere near as much marketing money at it as their bigger rivals. A device like the Passport was always going to be something people either love or not, on it's own merits. Pricing and marketing tricks are there to differentiate homogeneous devices from their competitors.
    10-14-14 07:38 AM
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    And keep in mind that the Coupon thing for the Passport was a mistake, it was never intended to apply to the Passport, just accessories. BlackBerry decided (I believe correctly to honor those sales but it's a double edged sword...

    Being in Canada, I have had a whole life of paying more for things here than they cost in the US - on a level it's frustrating but I also realize that we generally get more from our government and that's why we pay more for stuff...I'm at peace with it.

    Best of luck with your decision - Passport is worth every HK$!

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    10-14-14 08:04 AM
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    Timbo, I understand what you mean but I just struggle a bit. I visit the CSL store (the only HK telco carrier selling Passport) and play with the demo Passport every day. I just struggle with whether to buy it right away.

    Variante, thanks for your explanation! I will be meeting with John Chen (he will give a speech here) tomorrow and by then I think I can make the decision.

    Thanks Both!
    10-16-14 05:56 AM

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