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    Now that I have owned the passport for almost two months, I can't get any work done on it , every time I am in a public place (restaurant, coffee shop, mall) trying getting work done, I am constantly interrupted by people passing by and stopping me and asking me what is that or is that the new Blackberry Passport. As a proud blackberry owner, I do show them why this is the best mobile business device on the planet. Even die hard IPhone users and young people think this is the coolest looking phone they have ever seen. Over the 2 months I must have spent more time demonstrating this phone to strangers then actually getting work done. I have never seen a phone get so much attention anywhere you go. My z30 got some attention, but the passport is 1000x more. End of this week, I am heading down to Florida, I am curious to see what my Neighbours south of Canada react to it. I know in Toronto a lot of people know about the passport.

    Last night I was doing multiple offer presentation and also had my clients partner on a conference call, my die hard Apple client was blown away with the speaker phone of the call, it was so clear. We ended up using my phone because his battery died (mine still had 80% left and it was 9:00pm at night) and his call quality was so terrible that we couldn't hear the other person. For a long time we have always had battles with IPhone vs Blackberry.. he use to mock me that BB is dead and their phone is junk. For the first time ever yesterday, he said that he was blown away with what I was able to do with documents, phone calls and the hub. He actually said that is truly a business phone and I can see why you love it so much, who knows maybe instead of getting the iPhone 6 , I might get the passport.

    So if you don't want attention and you don't want to be the marketing of a killer phone, then don't buy a Passport. I have to admit, its not a perfect phone(app support for passport on BB world stinks, thank god for SNAP), but the more I use it the more you realize you can't use anything else. I pick up my z30 the odd time, I put back down.. It does take about 3 weeks to truly appreciate what this phone was designed for. Yes I am enjoying the attention.. since I don't get any more attention from my wife since the kids were born,, but I take what I can get. .
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    12-17-14 07:19 AM
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    Great story,I hope the Passport takes off big time!! I pick up my Z10 now and then and it looks like a Popsicle ,haha Working Wide is so much better.
    12-17-14 07:30 AM
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    Nice way of looking at it lol

    Posted via CB10
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    12-17-14 07:32 AM
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    Living in NY, I can honestly say, no one as ever bothered me to see my phone in the 2 months I've owned it, other then family and friends, but certainly not strangers.

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    12-17-14 07:37 AM
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    Amazing story! Congrats

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    12-17-14 07:37 AM
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    Great story!

    Do like the commercials for Chex Mix...get a "boring phone" as a decoy and then get some work done! LOL!

    I love it!

    Go BB
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    12-17-14 07:38 AM
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    Well played out there AG.
    Good story.
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    12-17-14 07:53 AM
  8. ArsenG's Avatar
    Great story!

    Do like the commercials for Chex Mix...get a "boring phone" as a decoy and then get some work done! LOL!

    I love it!

    Go BB
    I just might have to buy a typical brain washed phone... That's funny... LOL
    12-17-14 04:02 PM
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    Good post
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    12-17-14 08:07 PM
  10. dictionaryreader's Avatar
    I have the same experience actually, never had so many people stop and want to talk about my phone
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    12-17-14 09:41 PM

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