1. nico2004's Avatar
    Its very silly that to use a smart watch u need to have google services, it should be availible by just downloading the android wear app. why this can not be possible? I would assume that Motorola will like to sell the watch to anyone and it would not matter what platform you are using.
    Any thoughts?
    03-18-15 08:45 AM
  2. quangtran1's Avatar
    Yes and no. Google isn't sharing the Android Wear platform just like Apple isn't sharing theirs. I have all 4 more popular AW watches, plus the Pebble, and the Gear S, so like you, I wish they can all be used interchangeably with my IP6+, my Note Edge, and my Passport. Google controls Motorola, not the other way around. Apple doesn't need Android or its wearable platform. Google and Apple's profits showed they don't need each other, and certainly not Blackberry.
    03-18-15 09:12 AM

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