08-06-14 07:15 PM
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    There is no hidden, mysterious enterprise kingdom waiting to be conquered by BlackBerry. And if there is, it's already conquered by Apple. Passport is absolute opposite of Apple but it's not absolute opposite of BlackBerry - its a still device with same old message: tools-not toys, message which failed miserably.
    Business has its cycle. Just a matter how long you can hold your position while on top to stay on maturity. It's Apple time finished soon? Time will tell. But I am sure BlackBerry will still be around for many years.
    With different business strategy JC put on the table, I cannot be more than confidence that he can turn BlackBerry. There area many example of business turn around. He done it him self with Sybase. IBM also a good example of similar turn around.

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    08-03-14 07:13 AM
  2. Bbnivende's Avatar
    No, lowest is slapstick. By the way, I'm not being sarcastic.
    Then your post does not make any sense. If you like it and may get it ,why would not others think the same way?

    I have not read any accounts from folks who have used the device who think it is a dud.

    I hope that 2015 sees a new version of the Z10 and Z30 for consumers but I am also pleased that BlackBerry has not given up on the physical keyboard format.

    The mistake if there is one is sticking with the square screen format.

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    08-03-14 09:57 AM
  3. divyan's Avatar
    You sure you're not just seeing things? I haven't noticed anything like what you say, and honestly, I really doubt Apple or Google care too much that the Passport is being released. This is no magical comeback phone in that sense. It's not expected to sell in quantities that even make a dent in the overall marketshare.

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    I am seeing things? Yes, I see some 'things'. I am sure you also have seen them, but I don't know why can't you recollect those sightings.

    Some people simply get fits and foaming around the mouths the moment they hear anything good about BlackBerry. That is obvious and understandable. But there are others with artistic talent, suave enough to go around rules, use subtle irritation techniques while in crackberry forums.

    About your doubt if google or apple are concerned about passport, it might be true. But can't say the same thing about the ones those write negative comments in crackberry forums. I know golden 'Freedom of expression' etc, and because of that there is no effective counter against such people.

    But the same freedom of expression allow me too to highlight what I see.

    I agree that nobody said that Passport is the elixir that cures all the ailments BlackBerry face in last couple of years. But it is not a product that BlackBerry designed to be another mega failure either .
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    08-04-14 03:35 AM
  4. Sean Fanelli's Avatar
    The media will find every single way to try to pass on Blackberry. This is just another try....

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    08-04-14 07:27 PM
  5. lnichols's Avatar
    BB has already released 2 phones with square screens and they were definitely not as polarizing in opinions and commentary. Is it just because its bigger? I don't get it.
    Because the previous ones were tiny screens and the devices looked like the BBOS devices that many people have associated with laggy, antiquated devices. While I'm personally not a fan of the Passport design, it is noticeably different, and sometimes gimmicks or defying the norm are needed to get attention.

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    08-05-14 06:12 PM
  6. AtInsider's Avatar
    The Passport gives people a CHOICE. So choose your BB10 device.

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    08-06-14 07:15 PM
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