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    I am trying to install my email/calendar/contact on my passport. I have the latest release of OS software on my passport and am using Bell Sympatico as my service provider.

    When I go to settings....account...add account...... and put in the proper email address and password, the response I get is "Provider Identity not verifiable".

    I enter "continue" and all that is installed is the email function. No calendar, contacts, tasks and memos.

    I have a google account also (not used too much) and it installs fine.

    Any ideas?
    12-07-15 11:08 PM
  2. wuuwuu's Avatar
    Fixed it myself.....took a lot of research but the BB was bringing up the wrong server address and port number. Went to the BB database and they had a similar issue with Bell Alliant.

    Fortunately, I had another BB Z10 and used the server address and port number on it for the passport by following the instructions in the BB database.

    Starting May 9th 2013 Bell Aliant supports SMTP authentication automatically on all newly created email accounts. Email accounts created prior to May 9th 2013 can have this feature enabled by calling Bell Aliant, for more information click here. The email account must be a Bell Aliant email address (for example, @ns.sympatico.ca, @nb.sympatico.ca, @nf.sympatico.ca, @pei.sympatico.ca, or @bellaliant.net), sympatico.ca addresses are owned by Bell and can use the Hotmail settings listed below.

    Once SMTP authentication has been enabled, complete the following to integrate the account:

    On the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, swipe down from the home screen and tap Settings.
    Tap Accounts > Add Account > Email, Calendar and Contacts.
    Enter the email address and tap Next.
    Enter the email password and tap Next.
    When Account Settings are displayed, change SMTP Server to smtpa.bellaliant.net.
    Switch SMTP Encryption to Off.
    Change Port to 2225.
    Tap Done.
    12-08-15 12:34 PM

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