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    Soooooo Happy with the Passport! One week in, having moved from a Torch 9860...love the Passport! As a "10" newbie, I am not able to have the Link Program "see" the photos on my device. Setting up the Sync Service isn't working. Via the BB Blend, I can see the items on the Device, but not when I use the Link Program. The Link program tells me the Device is connected, but the ability to sync the devices is not presenting itself...perhaps I do not know where to look. All advice welcome on the topic.
    10-16-14 10:39 PM
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    Glad to hear you are loving your new passport! If you installed link and connected your device sync should be enabled by default and she just happen in the back round. Have you checked in the photo folder on your PC to see if the photo's from your passport are there?
    10-20-14 02:20 PM
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    Also have you made sure you are signed into the same BBID on the device and in BlackBerry Link?
    10-20-14 02:52 PM
  4. MapleLane's Avatar
    Will check on both accounts and let you know! Thanks for the suggestions. With Link open on the laptop, and the Passport connected- I could click on the laptop in the Link Interface screen, and see photos already loaded there- but when I clicked on the device to see those folders, the screen said, No folders available...Add a folder . I wondered if I need to set up specific photos in the Camera, or make a change in the Camera settings indicating where the Photos should be stored, so the Link software could find them?
    10-21-14 09:44 AM
  5. just_luc's Avatar
    Not in my experience.

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 10:17 AM
  6. MapleLane's Avatar
    Thanks for the Support- hope you may have a few more ideas!

    An update on the syncing of the PP(Passport) and the laptop - I uninstalled the BB Link, and re-installed hoping that starting again I would catch the error. No luck.

    On one Crackberry Forum board, a contributor noted that if the PP does not show up when connected to the Laptop as a device, that something was required for the laptop to recognize the Phone. My PP does not show up as a "drive" or connection under the "Computer" listings of Drives...but it shows up on the Network list.

    When attempting to open the PP from the Network list of devices- to see the folders- I could not- as Windows Security keeps asking for a Username and password - I tried the BBID, the network log on info- nothing worked..I did some reading- and found some comments that Windows Security has a hiccup- repeatedly asking for, but not accepting, Username/password for Network access. When I attempted to click on the PP from - all devices are already connected on the Network- but I enabled all the sharing, and disabled the password requirement through the Windows Security- unable.

    The Link Software did sync my Calendar and Outlook, but when I tried to see photos- it still tells me to start by adding folders by clicking the Add Folder button- which I can't see on that interface...however, at least they are communicating. I redid my BBID Password, and found that the laptop was very happy that I could sign in to the BBID- so both PP and Laptop are using the same one (good call)- but still can't see photos.I did check- they had not transferred..but I may now know why!

    I tried checking all the possible sections of the PP that could be enabled for sharing in the System Settings- enabled all Media Sharing, Allow Device sharing under Device Connections, then under Storage and Access-I noticed the USB Mass Storage option...some further reading and I found a post from 2008 describing the benefit of the USB Mass Storage feature. While enabling this feature- the computer now sees the device as an external portable drive, and I could now access the file folders full of photos, and move them to the laptop-Yay! But that doesn't solve the Link Software issue. When operating as the USB Mass Storage, the Link and Blend systems cannot work as they would like.

    In searching for the photos- I discovered, that when the Telus Technician migrated my phone contents from the 9860 to the PP, an entire set of file folders was replicated in the phones storage...all the same folder names (Photo, Camera, Video, Docs)- but they were under a folder called Blackberry. So I wonder if Link couldn't see them, because it wasn't looking in that spot- it was looking in the Standard directory of the phone- not in the one the Telus Tech had set up TO test my theory, I placed a couple of photos in the Standard "photo" folder of the PP, and then returned the phone to the Non-USB mode...to see if the Link could see the photos...no luck My past experience with the Torch 9860 and the BB Desktop software was good- I could import photos and video, so I know its possible- this is why the Windows blockage seems so foreign.

    So-at this point- I am
    1. seeking advice that will allow the Windows 7 Security to overlook the fact that there are no usernames and passwords for the network security, so that the Link can see the photos on the phone. I have tried the info on line from Windows- without any success
    2. Looking for info as to how the storage works...photos taken with the Camera- stay in the Camera file unless I place them in the "photos" file? Does Link only sync/import the Photo Album, and never the Camera? Do the photos taken with the camera automatically save to the the photo file folder, or do I indicate that in the System info? Same with Docs? (I don't think it is supposed to be this difficult )
    3. Should I remove everything from the 2nd Directory set up by Telus Tech, using the USB mode...blow away that 2nd directory, and set up the lInk again from the beginning- a fresh directory , a fresh start?

    advice always welcome! Absolutely love this device- I feel this hiccup has more to do with the HP Software, and needs a work around...or an update on the HP laptop side?
    10-21-14 09:29 PM

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