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    Just purchased an unlocked, brand new passport silver edition. I've successfully downloaded a few apps however can't seem to get anymore without device telling me that there's not enough storage, I've checked and there's loads. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
    08-28-15 01:26 AM
  2. sesp9's Avatar
    This also happened to me when I tried to purchase from the Amazon app store. Do a soft reset by turning off the devices power. Turn the device back on after 10 seconds. If that doesn't fix it then do a factory hard reset.

    Factory Hard Reset:


    1.On the computer open the Blackberry link software.
    2.Connect the passport to computer via USB cable.
    3.Click your device in the Blackberry link software.
    4.Depends on the Operating system you can use it:

    *In windows Select Backup &Restore and select Factory Reset. (OR)
    *Mac OSX-select >>Blackberry Link-Preference>>Reload>>Reload.
    *And finally your device is ready to use.
    08-28-15 09:45 AM
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    08-28-15 01:44 PM
  4. lushyboi's Avatar
    Sesp9 thanks. Soft reset sorted it no problems

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    08-29-15 02:12 PM

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