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    OK, this is second time around for this, and I don't really want to go through a wipe and full factory re-install every time this feature glitches. Can anyone give me a direct, logical, simple fix for getting my weblinks to work again from inside any Hub message on my Passport? It was working, and then it suddenly stops. This has happened before, but then I thought I had done something wrong in a download, and required a reset. I can't live with this device if it is going to do this every three days (or less). I have till tomorrow to return it. I have worked through most other "transitional" issues, but I have to have this feature to work or I can't use the device.

    Additional added 5 minutes later: Guess I should have been better about wording my question in Google. When I changed it a bit, I found a CB discussion where a person had the same issue (doing all the same things to fix it I had tried), but finally they did find a solution. I had the "magnify" gesture from within the Accessibility setting on, and apparently there is something about it that keeps the hyperlinks from working. I turned it off, as this person (Cfe0445 - see Hyperlinks Not Responding in Passport) and the links are back. He concludes that because the "turn magnification off" gesture doesn't return the screen to a true "0" increase size, that interferes with the weblink, and that all makes sense to me now. Thanks Cfe0445!
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