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    perhaps anyone experiences same thing like myself?

    i've just switched to the passport yesterday, i love the phone very much! previously i was from the Z30 and i've just switched to the nano sim (i'm in Indonesia, my carrier is TELKOMSEL - in case there is any indonesian bros/sis who have taken a jump to own this beast, hello guys!)

    but.. with my Passport, i just don't know why:
    - after reboot, my phone takes quite a long time to get connected to the BB infrastructure, no BB logo but i can receive emails etc no problems, just no BBM --> until i have to toggle on/off the mobile network then the BB logo appears and everything is back to normal

    - on the Z30, most of the time when my phone hands over from the wifi to the 3G, it gets connected straight away to the BB infrastructure within seconds (i've installed the 10.3.0 leaked on this phone - where the wifi reception is an issue right now) but not most of the time with my Passport. if i've been connected to a wifi network (a solid wifi network) for quite a long amount of time, when the phone is out of wifi, back to the 3G, i have to toggle the network off & on again to get the BB logo back online, but again, the internet is there, i can receive emails etc no problem

    is it just my carrier's network which might be having some issues (as lately i feel yes there is some random upgrades here & there..)? or is it like some bugs on my phone?? as my dad also has a Passport (we bought on the same day) but he's using other carrier and seems.. no issues I've ever heard from him until now regarding this.

    anyway, i'll try to swap my sim again tonight, and i'll be back, *fingers crossed* it's just my sim's configuration which has some incorrect values..
    11-25-14 08:11 PM

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