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    I have always known the blackberry passport to be very good battery life. However, I bought mine the start of this year and the battery takes about 11 hours and I have to be on battery saver and also switch off data and other main stream application . Could it be that I am using a different charger or that is just it?
    08-12-15 07:26 AM
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    One thing that drains my battery faster are the Android apps. Go to App manager under settings, then CPU monitor. Anything that is an Android app THAT IS NOT CURRENTLY OPEN, I close by tapping then selecting close. I do this once or twice daily and makes a huge difference. Also the cell and wifi signal strength in your are makes a difference.

    Hope this helps.

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    08-12-15 07:33 AM
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    Lower your expectations?

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    08-12-15 07:37 AM
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    Loaded question

    Battery life is impacted by many factors but here are a few things to try....

    Does the battery drain consistent or based on a static location?
    Reduce the network from LTE to HSPA+
    Use Wi-FI
    Check out system setting to see which apps are chewing up battery
    Reduce the push and pull intervals of apps and email
    Reduce screen brightness
    Keep the OS up to date

    Hope that helps
    08-12-15 07:44 AM

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