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    I can not tap or click on links received in my email inboxes. If someone sends me a link, I tap on it and nothing happens. I try to copy and paste it by touching the screen for a few seconds, nothing happens. I have click on forward to be able to select and copy the text link and paste it into the browser to view it.

    I am also having the same issue with the CrackBerry App. When I click / tap on a blue underlined link, it does not work.
    Same thing with the TD Mobile Banking App, I can't enter my card info or password. I tap in the field to enter it, and nothing happens. No cursor appears.

    I did a security wipe, reloaded the device software. I didn't restore anything from my back-up, to be sure I did a clean install. Worked for a couple of hours and then the problem came back again. Very annoying!

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution? I am going to try reloading the device software again.

    I am using a BlackBerry Passport on Telus Network running Official OS Version

    Update: I reloaded the OS again and seems to be working again. Hopefully doesn't occur again.
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    I've figured it out! The problem was caused when I would enable the Magnify mode in the Accessibility settings. I like to use this feature sometimes to zoom on pages or apps that don't have zoom functions. Even when I was not magnifying the screen, it would not let me select links or tap in a field to input text. I turned this option completely off in the settings and everything is back to normal!
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    12-01-14 11:19 AM
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    Good to know. Thanks!

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    12-01-14 11:24 AM
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    I too was having the same problems with email links. I did as suggested and it works now. Thank you

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    12-01-14 11:28 AM
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    How did you get the td app for the passport. I've looked at blackberry world and nothing seems to be there.

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    12-11-14 01:12 AM
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    Just type TD in the search and it comes up.

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    12-11-14 01:37 AM

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