1. Chanthone's Avatar
    I have a passport with a damaged SIM slot. The metal connectors inside are damaged. It was my fault because when my sim card got stuck and wouldnt come out i tried to pry it out with tweezers.
    Anyways i sent it to rogers and they couldnt fix. I brought to a phone repair place and they also said they cant get the part.

    I think it may have to do with the slot being attached to the motherboard where other phones the sim slot is its own piece but im not sure ....can someone please tell me????

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    04-07-16 08:58 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    How does a sim card get stuck in the first place? Are you not telling the whole story? Sound like you will need to get a replacement. Good luck.
    04-07-16 09:30 PM

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