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    07-05-15 05:16 AM
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    Because BlackBerry is consistent?

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    07-05-15 05:22 AM
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    They have the potential to be an underdog.
    Look at LG and what they have done, Samsung now has a strong contender in the Android market.
    Look at Android also, Apple fears Android. Right now the only thing Apple has going for them selves is they APPEAR to be exclusive and high end. But they produce the same thing just at an higher price.

    Blackberry needs to find a foot in the market and run full force into it. Right now their stuck in between making their own exclusive market like Apple or open it up like Android.
    Also do they create high end phones to compete with Samsung G6 and iphone 6 plus. Or do they stay mid range like the leap.

    Personally I think they should make a new high end phone once a year. But do it in leaps and bounds. And do mid range and low end at half throttle.

    They need to get interactive on community threads and comments and take those problems and concerns and make them become real solutions.
    For example, the next Passport like phone I would expect to have full control thru the hub and back to home screen and then to apps, using only the keyboard. Not this half thought out process of the keyboard goes to apps and home screen but once into hub your stuck until you swipe up on the screen.
    The camera would be expected to have the software tweaked so it will focus even faster and get it right the first time. The camera isn't bad at all. But some software adjustments are needed to compete with the big dogs.

    All and all, with having a totally new OS BlackBerry is doing great. But they need to make sure they follow completely thru with the process of thought, execution, and presentation. Than evaluate real world thoughts and expectations.

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    07-05-15 08:41 AM

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