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    I have a Blackberry Passport SE. I'm having trouble with just one user. When the user sends me an SMS message, it won't appear in the SMS app/or the HUB. The only way I can see the text is to compose a text to that user, and then I'll see the texts from them, or the texts thread from previous. I've contacted ATT and they even send me up to Blackberry Tech support. But no one can't seem to fix this. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, how did you resolve it? Blackberry's last resort was to wipe the phone and start from scratch, and see if that resolves it. Before I do that, I'm asking the question here. Thanks in advance.....
    05-25-16 03:51 PM
  2. afotey's Avatar
    Try Restarting your Phone and also check if the date on your phone is correct
    05-26-16 04:01 AM

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