1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I need help, why can't I send text messages, but I can receive them? Wtf, like this is happening in a every moment when I'm not expecting it when sending a text, like the little clock starts showing and it won't send, until I restart saying "sending interrupted by restart" -_- I went from 10.3.2813 to 10.3.2789 on a Z10 T-Mobile and still does the same thing...at this point I feel like upgrading and I just ordered screen protectors for the phone..guys help me!
    05-13-16 11:36 PM
  2. ibn_sanusi's Avatar
    If it is not an issue with the OS, then it's down to the carrier network, I do get th same issue before but not anymore. I suggest you check the message settings on your phone first. If nothing unusual is found there, then a downgrade of the OS may be needed. I'm presently using OS which is working fine. There have been complaints regarding the latest OS which is the one you are on. You don't have to switch phones.
    05-14-16 12:33 AM
  3. ibn_sanusi's Avatar
    *sorry, I wanted to say that the OS you mentioned that you are using is not known to have bugs. But try upgrading to the latest version which is better. I'm also using the OS that you mentioned and I'm not having issues with it.
    05-14-16 12:38 AM

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