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    You can add virtual keyboards to your beloved Passport but only for using with Android apps.
    All you need to do is download a android .apk keyboard (I suggest the Google keyboard as you can resize it) and Ghost Commander (from Blackberry World)
    Then enter in Ghost Commander - Applications - Settings
    Long press settings, Input methods and choose the keyboard you downloaded

    When you want to choose blackberry keyboard again you only need to long press the virtual spacebar (on Google keyboard, others you need to figured out)

    Also you will have acess to emojis!

    Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170506_171746.png
    Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170506_170805.png
    Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170506_170749.png
    Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170506_170742.png

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    05-06-17 11:30 AM
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    Nice find.
    Why exactly would you want to do it though?

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    05-06-17 11:39 AM
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    Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170506_175027.png
    Attachment 422649

    one hand writhing for example!
    Google keyboard has it
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    05-06-17 11:52 AM
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    Thanks for posting but Passport has an excellent VKB and PKB. No need to change.
    05-06-17 11:18 PM
  5. wasalph's Avatar
    Thanks for posting but Passport has an excellent VKB and PKB. No need to change.
    At first my impressive would be similar to others... why would i need that? But then... i would have to agree that it may come in handy as i hated the vkb of passport where the numbers are all packed on the left and the number 0 is in a weird position
    05-06-17 11:21 PM
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    I made some test and it's really useful. Don't get me wrong, I buy the passport because of the keyboard and the design! But sometimes a virtual key is better for one hand, or at night when my wife is sleeping. Now I have a folder with Android apps like a browser (Puffin), Instagram (leave the Insta10 for pkb only), a app for taking notes, messenger lite, all this apps for use with the virtual keyboard when need it (probably 20% of the time)

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    05-07-17 01:13 AM
  7. Low Joe's Avatar
    The VK was posted here a year ago

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    05-07-17 08:52 AM
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    Probably the best virtual keyboard for your Passport. You can choose to a minimalist Passport look, and a lot of themes (like the red one... get it

    I remember the purpose of this thread is to show you the advantages of a vkb.
    It's extremely useful for one hand control and as bonus you receive a emoji option
    For now the best keyboard with reduced size option is the Gboard and Fleksy

    Don't forget to check the installed keyboard in input options of Android Settings (not blackberry settings!) and only works for Android apps.

    Apps for use when you want to use the vkb (search for apks on google)

    Puffin browser (very fast, with flash and stable) - Open your social networks or email on it

    Instagram 9.1 (the best working version)

    Messenger lite

    k9 mail

    Attached Thumbnails Whow: Another keyboard for Passport!-img_20170517_223545_edit.jpg  
    05-17-17 04:51 PM

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