02-10-17 02:02 PM
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    [...]I keep Priv on Battery Saving mode all day and 4/10 screen brightness so the battery lasts 7am - 8pm.
    I never use the physical keyboard ... I wish it didn't exist - so there might have been a bigger battery. And the possibility of better protective cases. And I find no need for the rounded front edges on the glass ... holding the Z30 phone with the rounded back edges is more comfortable.

    The larger screen is nice, but Android puts a lot of buttons at the top of the screen (Send, back, etc) which I don't remember on the Z30 ... or at least my thumb could reach. But on the Priv it makes it a two handed device.

    I also find other few glitches which makes me prefer the Z30 ... Contacts is more cumbersome, calendar notifications aren't always reliable. Even though I have erased some info from a contact (couple got divorced) it still shows the wrong name when the number is called/texted. I really miss dark theme (apparently it's coming soon). Screenshot is more cumbersome, photo filing is a complete pain. And don't get me started about the Assistant App voice commands!
    I've had mine for a month coming from Android and Windows10mobile. But have some thoughts on some of your points (some are edited out).

    Battery: good idea how you make the battery last all day. But as for making it bigger, it's already very big compared to anything out there except outliers. So I'm glad they did an original and innovative design. I love it even though I can't figure out how to use the kb.

    The Hub is fabulous for me as the best I've seen before is just having all emails in one place, without SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

    And Android is bad for putting buttons at the top. It's crazy.

    My only challenge is protecting the curved screen. After being on sale for over a year there is nothing good. Glass ones are very fragile and sometimes require more force, as they are not glued except around the edges for some reason, and plastic ones are never nice. But I love the screen anyway.
    02-05-17 03:55 PM
  2. Dmd74's Avatar
    I feel that's where I might end up.

    My first Blackberry was a Torch 9800 and I did love the slider aspect. I think that's where my first interest in the Priv came from. The better resolution/screen, the improved camera, the OS support are the strong suits that are pro Priv..... but I also want to work wide. Unless the Priv blows me away, I don't think I can give up BB10 yet
    The 9800 was one of my top three favorite  ever! I loved it, the 9700 and my old 8350i(?).

    That being said though, I was really disappointed in the Priv. I am looking to buy one now to prepare for Mercury but I truly did not care for it the first go around.

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    02-07-17 07:16 PM
  3. Dmd74's Avatar
    Priv is simply awful. I purchased and confined using my Passport which is far far superior.

    Physical Keyboard is unusable. Hub is rubbish compared to OS10, and slow. The device also does not feel robust and forget multitasking.

    BlackBerry would have been better served creating an Android Passport.

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    I agree with everything this man^ just said.

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    02-07-17 07:18 PM
  4. JPD404's Avatar
    The Priv is the best Android device I've ever seen, but BB10 is a different story. Personally, I would say BB10 is worth having, if not in the main device (depends on your needs), at least in a secondary device. Blend is awesome.

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    02-08-17 05:02 PM
  5. jay bee7's Avatar
    Send it back. The PRIV is nothing close to the BlackBerry Passport and apparently the new Mercury is supposed to bridge android and BlackBerry Blend and Link software

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    02-08-17 05:11 PM
  6. jay bee7's Avatar
    I picked up my PRIV and waited to do content transfer and I am glad I did not do it. Will keep the PRIV as a spare and wait for the Mercury while I happily keep using my Passport

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    02-08-17 05:12 PM
  7. willyq711's Avatar
    Yes, I LOVE my PRIV, but can't stand the "lagging" OS and even worse, the yet to be fixed search issues in the Contacts (known issue!), whereby even though the contacts are in the list, search function can't find them.... REALLY BlackBerry!?

    Anyhow, if the Mercury has an 835 or at least 821 processor, 4 Gigs of Mem and 32-64 gigs of storage, I'm sold!
    02-10-17 01:47 PM
  8. lowezz's Avatar
    Wish the priv didnt have that crappy low grade slide out keyboard! Feels cheap, bargin bin! Other then that the phone does feel premium and the screen is very nice! My friend traded up his Passport for priv. Id get the prive if it wouldnt have that bargin bin keyboard! Phone would be thinner too! For now I keep the Passport! Hands down the best BlackBerry device!

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    02-10-17 02:02 PM
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