11-13-17 12:11 AM
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  1. SathBerry's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    I am very much excited to know how many of you guys using BlackBerry Passport?

    And your experiences with the devices

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    07-05-17 10:08 PM
  2. juggernauutt's Avatar
    it's the best phone ever
    07-05-17 11:12 PM
  3. Nguyen1's Avatar
    I'm using it right now. Great for typing, great for reading. Outdoor visibility even in direct sunlight is without peer. I can put it on lowest screen setting and still read in sunlight!

    The hub is wonderful for emails and text messages.

    Sound quality is very good and quite loud at maximum. Video quality is good too, though the square screen can be unusual.

    I have no problems with the camera. My photos and videos come out just fine. I use an SE version of the passport.

    Battery can easily last the day with juice for another day. And another. Phones now surpass it, but for its time, the passport was one of the best.

    I ignore Google, but you can sideload the Google store via Cobalt's fix.

    Oh, and as a PHONE, the sound quality is solid and I've never dropped a call.

    You can get a passport for under $200 now. If you want a tablet that can also make phone calls, get samsung or any of those huge glass slabs. If you want an actual phone, and if you are nostalgic, get the passport. Just be aware that this is no longer a supported device.

    Signature: Still typing away on my Passport SE!
    07-05-17 11:19 PM
  4. Gazzathered_1962's Avatar
    I still use my Passport. I use it alongside my LG G4. Although my LG is my main phone the Passport gets used everyday. I still love it, even if it's a little limited now.

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    07-06-17 02:23 AM
  5. jdesignz's Avatar
    07-06-17 02:58 AM
  6. KPR1976's Avatar
    Best BlackBerry Phone of all time. I still have one. Using a Priv at the moment. Considering a KEYOne but waiting on the screen problems to be solved and the price to drop
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    07-06-17 04:12 AM
  7. BBZibulla's Avatar
    Just came back from Priv. I thought i would need an Android Device but after a while i prefer the BlackBerry 10 experience. I use it as long as possible...

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    07-06-17 06:41 AM
  8. Edijs Benoit's Avatar
    Best phone ever. I am not an iPhone guy, but would choose android over that. But my Passport is the best work machine. Nothing can beat it.

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    07-06-17 08:57 AM
  9. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Never dropped a call. Great call quality even in rural areas.

    Sent from one of my SE Passports using BB10 superior software.
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    07-06-17 12:14 PM
  10. jemireu's Avatar
    Right now using my PP SE. Love it. Own all BB 10 devices except PD.

    Posted via one of the last BlackBerry iconic devices
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    07-06-17 02:31 PM
  11. jemireu's Avatar
    Coming from an Oukitel K10000 with the largest battery on earth.
    Hard to cope with the small battery.

    Posted via one of the last BlackBerry iconic devices
    07-06-17 02:46 PM
  12. conbrio29's Avatar
    My wife uses one because her iPhone crapped out and she hasn't bothered to go and get a replacement, so she's stuck using my old Passport lol

    I think she likes it too!

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    07-06-17 02:53 PM
  13. jmkeeru's Avatar
    I use the passport SE as my driver for work email and also also for calls as the quality is truly solid in calls and sound. Truly a stellar device.

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    07-06-17 11:29 PM
  14. YesAndNo's Avatar
    Me. I own four Passport SEs.

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    07-07-17 12:32 AM
  15. VictorRight's Avatar
    I still use the original after 3 years and my brother uses his SE everyday; however, I've gone to the dark side (Blackroid Key1.)
    07-07-17 01:10 AM
  16. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    nice... i cant move to blackberry 10 why? you were know it

     Passport SE - SQW-100-4 /
    07-07-17 04:14 AM
  17. jdesignz's Avatar
    Unfortunately, not anymore. But they were still the greatest tech I've ever had.
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    07-07-17 05:01 AM
  18. neoberry99's Avatar
    I use one for work and it's great. Its a breeze to punch out a long email on the Passport. Like some else mentioned... The only thing wrong with the device is that it's not supported by Blackberry anyone.
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    07-07-17 06:53 AM
  19. oo_se7en's Avatar
    It's the best phone I've used. I Had Nokia, Motorola Razr, Curve 9300, Z10, Z30, and now OG Passport.

     B L A C K B E R R Y P A S S P O R T ™ SQW 100 -1 KEYᵒⁿᵉ Bell Network O S Version Powered by Q N X "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." J O H N 3 : 1 6
    07-07-17 12:05 PM
  20. countant's Avatar
    Love my Passport! I load up my SD card with videos and watch at work without a WIFI connection and affecting the boss's data limits! Great volume for sound. And never a dropped call. Nice slab *ND good heft.
    07-07-17 12:12 PM
  21. Zedd88's Avatar
    Been using it since Launch (October 2014). Had the original Blackberry Passport for over a year then moved on to Passport SE. Up to this date am still using the Passport SE and I love typing in it. The spacing of the keys are comfortable for me and nothing beats the Hub. Although I did subscribe to the Android Hub for my secondary phone (second line/SIM) which is an Android. My Primary phone is still my Passport. If it came in a dual SIM variant I would have no need for my secondary phone.

    So far the Apps I use are working: Viber (old version), Skype, WhatsApp, Waze, Uber, Airbnb, Agoda, RentalCars, LinkedIn, Banking App, TinyCam Pro (for webcam monitoring), Dropbox, Onedrive and a lot more.

    It's the latest games which are harder to get. But if you stick to games found in Amazon you'd be ok. Some of the games I have are: Roblox (my son plays it sometimes), Hungry Shark, Hill Climb Racing, Lego Starwars the complete saga, real steel boxing some other games.

    I actually have lots of Android Apps installed but the ones I listed above are what I regularly use.

    But of course there are fears that eventually some apps will cease to function especially Viber which I rely heavily on for my IM and Skype for my voice calls. It's already 2017 so this October will be the fourth year I've been using a Passport (or it's variant). Hopefully I can still use it till 2020 because I really love this phone. But alas, realistically I feel some apps will continue to degrade until it becomes unusable.

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    07-07-17 12:14 PM
  22. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar

    Best smartphone I have ever owned/used. (Note: I'm very much a 'business user' and use very few non-Business apps).
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    07-07-17 02:01 PM
  23. anon(9742832)'s Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    I am very much excited to know how many of you guys using BlackBerry Passport?

    And your experiences with the devices

    Posted via CB10
    First its not a Passport.................................Its a T-Rex of phones...big powerful and soooooo cooool. Still use mine as a daily driver, thank God for Cobalt and his playstore App, that keeps us running smooth. Yes some apps take a little longer to open and some don't work, but hey this is a T-Rex on the endangered species list but fighting to stay on top. Long Live The Passport in all its glory..... SEE NOW THE PASSPORT IN ITS NATIVE HABITAT
    Attached Thumbnails Who uses BlackBerry Passport ?-img_20170707_151900.jpg   Who uses BlackBerry Passport ?-img_20170707_151920.jpg  
    07-07-17 02:23 PM
  24. redtail34's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    I am very much excited to know how many of you guys using BlackBerry Passport?

    And your experiences with the devices

    Posted via CB10
    Just bought one recently and I love it. It's not a stressful phone. Compare to android where I'm inclined always to check social media, thus the stress. Don't get me wrong you could get most of the apps through a third party.

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    07-07-17 03:21 PM
  25. 3165dwayne's Avatar
    I've only been using mine since last year. It's getting a bit rocky though because of the lack of apps.

    Posted via CB10
    07-07-17 05:19 PM
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