03-21-15 03:28 PM
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  1. Tornado99's Avatar
    You guys are barking up the wrong tree. You need to go after BlackBerry Support to have them research why no updates, receipt acknowledgements, etc are getting to customers.

    When I had similar issues from my z30 tradeup rebate, I registered a BlackBerry Support ticket and after several phone calls with a really responsive agent, issue was resolved by BlackBerry issuing me my check directly.
    Here is the first response I had...then I followed up with the NA toll free support number at the bottom:

    Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support.

    We have received your request and one of our support representatives will contact you shortly.

    If you would like to follow up on this request, please reply to this email with your ticket number, INC0000xxxxx, included in the subject line.

    Thank you for choosing BlackBerry.


    The BlackBerry Customer Support team

    NA Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377
    UK Toll Free: 0808 100 7466
    Europe: +44 1753 558400
    Worldwide: +11-647-426-1108

    This Passport takes me places!
    01-20-15 08:51 PM
  2. donnation's Avatar
    Anyone have any updates on this?
    02-07-15 05:21 PM
  3. PJAYY's Avatar
    I just received an email from Clover. Turns out I misread the promotion and I thought that even by upgrading your phone at a carrier you were eligible for the 200$ bonus. I sent in my iPhone 4s and now they are only sending me 35$. I am so mad, I would have never done this if I knew I had to pay the retail price for the phone. I cant access the page no more, but I think it was worded like: if you upgrade to a blackberry passport........ you will get 200$ plus the quoted price for the iPhone. By this, I thought it meant "doing an upgrade" at my carrier. This is really frustrating.
    03-19-15 03:31 PM
  4. Granrey's Avatar
    Sorry to know

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-15 03:28 PM
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