04-25-17 01:01 PM
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  1. Iggy City's Avatar
    Nothing wrong here other than my battery lasting too long.
    07-13-15 11:30 AM
  2. marcaccioc's Avatar
    bought mine used off of kijiji - been using it for 2 months - no issues
    07-13-15 11:49 AM
  3. sonicpix's Avatar
    Mine has been flawless for 8 months.

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 11:55 AM
  4. Ronnie Tyler's Avatar
    Can you explain this a little more? There's a big difference between 4 and 8 feet. You're not sure how far it fell? Did you not see it drop? I can't imagine the horror of dropping this thing from 8 feet. What did it land on?
    BTW no issues with my passport - best damn phone made today.
    first drop was about 8 feet and couple weeks later second drop about 4 feet after the first dropped my heart skipped couple of beats but then when i saw the phone i was all happy and stuff and I was on staircase it landed on tiles
    07-13-15 12:11 PM
  5. bhoqeem's Avatar
    Been thinking a lot to get either the Classic or Q10 as a backup. I know they're slower, but I'm garnering for the keyboard. You wouldn't believe how much I love typing on the BlackBerry. And I have only been converted from android since March this year. Aiaiai...

    BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1/ on Telkomsel Network
    07-13-15 12:31 PM
  6. aaasingh's Avatar
    I have two passports. one main one - ATT version. and one unlocked (backup/test phone).
    both have had little to no issues. I had map/gps issues and some wifi issues with the ATT one before the 10.3.2 update. since 10.3.2 I've had zero issues with both.
    07-13-15 12:41 PM
  7. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Att version. Not a single issue on official carrier OS. I did lose voice for assistant after the att push update but a hard reset fixed that.

    Posted from a Passport or Z30. Get one!
    07-13-15 12:43 PM
  8. RazzBerry's Avatar
    No problems here and I've been using for over 4 months now!
    Love it!!
    07-13-15 12:44 PM
  9. christeffi's Avatar
    No problems at all!

    @ Passport
    07-13-15 12:56 PM
  10. LyoobaBerry's Avatar
    None since the day it arrived, four months ago

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 01:05 PM
  11. helalzone's Avatar
    Perfect from day one, since it launched in India, took it 2nd day

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 01:14 PM
  12. helalzone's Avatar
    Att version. Not a single issue on official carrier OS. I did lose voice for assistant after the att push update but a hard reset fixed that.

    Posted from a Passport or Z30. Get one!
    I m searching for a lost friend named Ghairatul

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 01:15 PM
  13. ruben1975's Avatar
    Me. After 6 months

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 01:45 PM
  14. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    got mine the day AT&T released it.
    No issues what-so-ever!

    I can't put the damn thing down!!

    Elite1 likes this.
    07-13-15 02:14 PM
  15. BBuso77's Avatar
    I have had mine since September and it hasn't had a single issue. Works great!

     Passport via CB10
    07-13-15 02:14 PM
  16. jlinc's Avatar
    Had mine since launch and no issues. Awesome device.

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 02:20 PM
  17. KingRohan's Avatar
    No problems anymore. But this is my 3rd unit.
    First 2 were very first production retail units.
    First camera wouldn't focus you could hear the mechanism clicking as it would try to move.
    Second light sensor didn't work properly would dim and turn keyboard backlight off in dim situations.
    Third going strong, my favorite BlackBerry of all time.

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 02:26 PM
  18. Rene_Q10's Avatar
    All perfect since October.

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 02:36 PM
  19. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I can definately vouch that I have had zero issues and I also went ahead and installed the 2204 leak without a hitch.
    07-13-15 02:40 PM
  20. will308's Avatar
    ive not had any problems .............fingers crossed I dont
    07-13-15 02:41 PM
  21. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    I just got my Passport and it's doing alright. I have noticed some screen lift (but ever so slightly) and twisted my device's metal frame it it kinda fixed the issue. Is anyone NOT having a problem with their device?

    Posted via CB10
    Got mine in January - no problems (except that after a 6 ft 'mega-drop' onto marble tiles.... I think the 'swipe to wake' function has become much more sensitive).

    So, in reality, if I was not such a butterfingers, there would be no problems....
    .... and, if the Passport was not so robust, I probably would have had to replace the phone.
    07-13-15 03:25 PM
  22. BB_PP's Avatar
    Since November GOOD

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 03:31 PM
  23. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    Thread is useless without the amount of time people used their PP before reporting above..
    My only concern is the double typing and screen lifting which is the main reason why I didn't buy one.
    07-13-15 03:45 PM
  24. Maarten Van Pottelberghe's Avatar
    No prob.

    Posted from my monster machine, AKA the passport...
    07-13-15 03:48 PM
  25. nbaliga's Avatar
    Original had the glue spot on the back, and space bar was a bit clacky after a month of use.

    Got the AT&T version and have had NO issues with it, keyboard is much better than original.

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 04:10 PM
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