1. NYCDweller's Avatar
    On screens that have a white background, I have a white blotch on the center top portion of the screen. It's slightly smaller then a dime. The white spot is only noticeable on white background screens.

    It's bothersome since I read a lot of emails that have white backgrounds.

    The blotch just appeared one day and remains after reboots. Does anyone else have a similar issue. Any fix suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    10-21-15 12:58 PM
  2. SalMan50's Avatar
    I very much have this, but I believe it's a hardware issue, something that has to do with the placement of the screen and the way the components have been placed kinda odd to allow for the mid section to kinda 'show through'... the explanation is terrible, but it's hardware issue unfortunately, try and get BlackBerry to replace it if you still have time

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    10-21-15 01:25 PM
  3. CecilTsunami's Avatar
    I got no blotch.

    Sounds very strange. Very strange indeed. I'd probably try to get that replaced on warranty. My screen is HD and pristine.

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    10-21-15 01:35 PM
  4. d.roc's Avatar
    I also have the same problem. Upper middle right. Doesn't bother me too much but it is annoying.

    Brought to you by...My sweet Passport
    10-22-15 10:18 PM
  5. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    The word 'blotch' is awesome.

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    10-26-15 10:02 PM
  6. CDot40's Avatar
    I had a similar "blotch" on my screen, seemed to be directly behind the rear camera. I sent it back under warranty.

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    10-26-15 11:47 PM
  7. malanis5's Avatar
    I have a greenish blotch that is only visible on dark backgrounds. Quite annoying. I'm still under warranty, so i think i'll see if that's covered
    10-27-15 11:41 PM
  8. royabsa's Avatar
    I think that's a 'dead pixel.'

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    10-28-15 06:38 AM
  9. d.roc's Avatar
    Update. I called Blackberry and they are sending me a replacement unit. Should be here this week. Using a Classic Cobalt in the meantime.

    Posted via CB10
    01-05-16 11:37 PM

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